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 Article by Alex Ekong

The 9 best student apps to go with your new iPhone

Holy cannoli, Batman! Apple have done it again. And by done it, I mean drop three ludicrously expensive phones and ride off into the sunset, gently cackling as our money lines their pockets. Fair’s fair, I guess. But never mind about the iPhone X costing literally a thousand actual pounds, it’s still going to be the must-have off-to-uni/back-to-uni item for this term. If you’re planning to be first centre-buttonless person in your flat, then consider filling your new iPhone up with these nifty student apps.

 student apps


Office Lens

We’ve all had one of the psycho lecturers that’s really trigger-happy with the powerpoint, right? They’ve written a small novella on one screen and before you can frantically copy it all down, it’s on to the next. No more – Office Lens allows you to take a picture of the board and coverts it into a word document. You’ve got to say that Microsoft are the real MVPs for this one.


Sure, you could leave all your studying to the last minute like a chump. OR you could leave all your studying to the last minute AND have some neat online flashcards to help you pick up the slack. On StudyBlue, you can do that, access relevant study material and even test yourself, all in one place.

Class Timetable

Trust me, if you aren’t ready with a class timetable complete with location on it by the time the last shot of Freshers’ Week has gone down, university will eat you alive. With this app, you can create one that goes everywhere you go. You can colour code it and note down your homework too!


student apps


There is no more deflating feeling in this world than getting to the end of a many-thousand word essay and remembering that the job’s not done yet. Referencing and writing your bibliography is a right pain – one you’ll have time and again. EasyBib keeps track of all your sources and generates citations just the way Teacher likes it.


More known for those Facebook scroller-videos that suck your entire day up wondering how making a katsu curry in one pot could be so easy, they have an app too. And with a recipes you can sort by dietary requirements and total ingredient price, it’s uni essential. Unless you live in catered halls, you fancy so-and-so.


This one goes out to all the gym freaks out there. Whether you’ve got Lifesum, Fitbit, Nike+, Runkeeper or if you got it all, Nudge keeps your data from everything and syncs it in one place, making it easier than ever for people to witness the fitness. May no gain slip through the cracks.

student apps

Circle of 6

No matter which university you go to, safe sesh is a top priority. Circle of 6 is an app which lets your 5 closest friends know where you are just in case something goes pear-shaped. You can call any emergency number of your choice with a couple of taps too. Perfect for you and your whole flat.


With every night out, you either go home a hero or you drink long enough to see yourself become the villain. You don’t want to be that one person in Freshers’ Week whose drunken legend is told until graduation (probably). WiseDrinking helps you figure where your limits are and keep track of your drinks so you can avoid all (read: most) major catastrophes…


…Or, should you want to go the other way with it, download Picolo. Picolo is an awesome drinking game that sets challenges for individual players and the group, which they must complete or pay the horrible price of *shudder* drinking alcohol. Bottom’s up!

student apps


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