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 Article by Brenda Wong

This is the ultimate list of stationery perfect for lectures

Yes, we may live in an increasingly digital world. But everybody knows you learn more when you write your notes down rather than typing them out, so why reinvent the wheel?

We put together a list of our absolute favourite note-taking weapons, perfect to bring to your 9am lectures. And yeah, we’re not afraid of a little glitter.

1. This ‘Adult Status Achieved’ notepad

Etsy | seaandlake | Stationery perfect for lectures

Apparently, if you cross three things off, you achieve your adult status. We’re down – if only actual adulting was this easy.

By seaandlake, £6.17 


2. These city landmark bookmarks

Another Studio | Stationery perfect for lectures

Trust us, you’ll need these when your professors start jumping all over the textbook during your lectures.

By Another Studio, £6.95

3. Gold and silver washi tape

Papermash | Stationery perfect for lectures

Because you definitely need to highlight your name in gold. How else will you set your notepad apart from the rest?

By Papermash, £2.50

4. This streamlined bullet pen

Nest | Stationery perfect for lectures

It’s… so… shiny.

By Nest, £5

5. These grammatically correct pencil set

Newton and the Apple | Stationery perfect for lectures

No more excuses for mixing up ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ with these babies.

By Newton and the Apple, £6.50

6. A floral desk pad for your weekly to-do list

Papermash | Stationery perfect for lectures

Organised, all seven days of the week.

By Papermash, £8

7. This beautifully simple A5 academic diary

Muji | Stationery perfect for lectures

Such clean lines. Such beauty. Such elegance.

By Muji, £6.25

8. A ‘brain dump’ notepad

Knock Knock Stuff | Stationery perfect for lectures

Because sometimes you just need a space for all of your completely random thoughts. Write first, edit later.

By Knock Knock, £6.

9. A notebook for your rainy day ideas

Newton and the Apple | Stationery perfect for lectures

Knowing English weather, you’ll need this.

By Newton and the Apple, £3.95

10. These ‘Gotta risk it to get the biscuit’ pencils


Because everyone knows. You gotta risk it to get the biscuit.

By Earmark, £5.40

11. Translucent sticky notes

SUCK UK | Stationery perfect for lectures

These are genius and you can’t tell us otherwise.

By SUCK UK, £3

12. Herb sprout pencils that you can plant after use

Fancyus | Stationery perfect for lectures

By Fancyus, £6.99

There’s something truly lovely about being able to literally plant your thoughts.

13. These lovely tessellating erasers

MightyPaperShop | Stationery perfect for lectures

I mean, you’re bound to make a few spelling errors, why not fix them in style?

By MightyPaperShop, £1.30

14. A pencil case so beautiful it almost makes you want to cry

StickerShack |Stationery perfect for lectures

I mean, look at them.

By Stickerstack, £12

15. These super pigmented twin coloured pens

DubuDomo | Stationery perfect for lectures

Double the ends, double the fun.

By DubuDomo, £9.65 for five pens

16. Ombré check lists

DubuDomo | Stationery perfect for lectures

You’ll get a guaranteed increase in productivity with these beauties.

By DubuDomo ,£4.47

Feature image © Alejandro Escamilla  via Unsplash

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