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 Article by Brenda Wong

This is how a side hustle can revolutionise your career

Some people are completely baffled. They say, “That doesn’t make any sense. Why would extra work outside of my job change my work life for the better?” or “I barely have any spare time to myself outside of work, so a side hustle isn’t realistic or feasible.” What you’re not considering, my friends, is how a side hustle can make you happier.

Here’s a little secret: your day job doesn’t have a responsibility to make you happy. Yes, we may be hearing more and more about free beers on Fridays, wellness Wednesdays and office slides. However, can we honestly say these things make us happier at work?

There’s a toxic assumption that you’re failing if you’re not doing your ‘dream job’. The truth? Most people are not 100% happy about their 9-5, and if they say they are, hate ta break it to ya, they’re probably lying. Chasing happiness is an inherently human trait. We crave it. We also associate happiness with our own sense of success, which is why we beat ourselves up if we’re feeling dissatisfied.

Your day job might not be able to help you achieve job satisfaction. But here are seven reasons why a side hustle just might.

1. Having a side hustle allows you to chase your secret passions


When you were a kid, you probably had a completely different idea of what you would be doing when you grew up. I, for one, wanted to be an archaeologist, and dreamed of having a bull-whip a la Indiana Jones. Admittedly, my interests have evolved since then. The principle still applies: there are still interests and pursuits I don’t get to act on in my day job.

If you love knitting, why not try selling your lovingly crafted creations? Interested in something niche? Start a blog about it – you could eventually build up beneficial partnerships with other bloggers and small companies. Love working out? Why not create an e-book you can sell on Amazon about your top tips?

2. “Do what you love and you never have to work a day in your life”


You’ve probably heard that one before. Here, we take that adage and apply it to side hustles: if you’re not doing what you love in your day job, you can do so in your side hustles.

This way, your side projects aren’t framed in your mind as ‘work’, but rather as a form of beneficial extended play. Who doesn’t want that?

3. It’ll improve your leadership skills


If you’re not in a management position in your day job, your side hustle could be the boost you need. Setting up your own side project or business often requires you to be your own boss or co-boss.

Whether it’s kicking your own butt when it comes to your deadlines, or learning how to work with a partner, learning how to take charge is a truly useful business skill to have.

4. A side hustle actually helps you hustle more in your day job


Side hustles are well-known for being super-motivational. Doing something you’re legitimitely interested in after office hours has a knock-on effect on your in-office productivity. Fact.

Beyond that, side hustles could help bridge any skill gaps you may have in your current job. An example: when I applied to work here at Debut, I had very little experience in email marketing. So, I set up my own email newsletter as a side hustle in order to practice.

5. You get to work where you want, when you want


There’s nothing like the freedom you feel when you get out of the office. You can work on your side hustle in your favourite café on the weekend, on a park bench overlooking a duck pond, or wrapped up in a mermaid blanket on your couch.

It is also totally up to you as to when you carve out the time to work on your extra projects. 12.32pm after a boozy brunch for a couple of hours? Sounds pretty good to me.

6. They could become an extra source of income


Now, this seems fairly obvious. However, the reason why I didn’t put this point higher up on the list is because additional income from side hustles should be seen as a bonus, rather than a main goal.

Ultimately, if you’ve established your side hustle enough it could become a really powerful extra source of dolla for you. However, the caveat is that this may take some time to set up.

You should always set up side hustles with the end goal of monetisation, though. A little boost to your bank account never hurts!

7. Side hustles can help you ‘know thyself’


Exploring your passions and figuring out whether they truly suit you is a total win-win situation. You get to learn so much more about something that was previously just an interest, after all. Besides that, having a side hustle teaches you resillience, organisation, and perhaps, if it is the right fit, will tell you so much about how you want to shape your legacy.

So hustle on, Debutants. We can’t wait to see you shine.

Images via Pexels, Unsplash

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