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 Article by Jessica Murray

The quest for satisfaction in your career | DebutLive

Finding satisfaction in your career is no easy task. With the rise of social media we spend so much time comparing ourselves to those around us, and judging our success against the successes of others. How do we even know what job satisfaction looks like?

We sat down with Liz Aab and Mars Lee from Shell on DebutLive to discuss just that – how to find that satisfaction in your career, no matter what stage you’re at. Retail Engineering Technical Development Manager Liz had a fascinating insight into how satisfaction often revolves around what she describes as the ‘Seven Ps’:

  1. Place
  2. People
  3. Pay
  4. Progression
  5. Percpetion
  6. Purpose
  7. Procedures

Liz and Campus Marketing Advisor Mars discussed the ‘Seven Ps’ in detail and how it’s unlikely you’ll find a role which completely satisfies all seven. It’s up to you to decide which ones are the priority at each stage of your career. While Progression and Perception might be more important at the start of your career, Place and People might become your priority at a later stage.

Liz talked about how she feels the people at Shell have made her time there so enjoyable and rewarding, and Mars went on to talk about how Shell’s graduate scheme works to create the pioneering leaders of the company’s future.

You can watch a short clip of Liz discussing the importance of the ‘Seven Ps’ here, and don’t forget to head to the app to watch the livestream in full:

We received loads of great questions from the Debutants who tuned in live, but Liz and Mars didn’t quite have time to answer them all, so we grabbed a few extra answers for you here:

What are the working hours for the internship?

The working hours are typically 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday but it does depend on the business requirements and the work that you are doing.

As an electrical and electronic engineer, what roles would I perform in the graduate scheme?

Shell’s Electrical Engineers’ responsibilities include troubleshooting and resolving electrical issues, designing hardware and software, and monitoring power distribution. Joining the Programme you’ll work alongside the industry’s leading technical experts and visionaries, and could gain experience on some of Shell’s most groundbreaking engineering projects.

Do you have graduate software development roles at Shell? Also what roles do you offer to software engineering degree holders?

On our Business Technology Graduate Programme you’ll join friendly and supportive teams where you will collaborate with world-leading technology and systems professionals. Your curiosity and problem solving skills will be applied to roles such as Business Analyst, Project Manager, IT Architect, Data Manager or Application Delivery Analyst.

If you had two employees to choose, one with high academic standing, the other with very high level of experience, who would you consider for the job if you could only hire 1 of them?

We will evaluate your ability to think analytically, make confident decisions and search out practical solutions to problems. We are looking for candidates who can show drive and enthusiasm, confidence, curiosity, and the willingness to connect and work together with others. Therefore, we look at the candidate as a whole and how this fits in our CAR criteria (Capacity Achievements and Relationships).

What ‘metrics’ do you use to measure job satisfaction? As it could mean something different to different people.

Dialogue between management and staff is important, with the annual Shell People Survey being one of the principal means of gathering employee views on a range of matters. The Shell People Survey includes questions inviting employees’ views on their pay and benefit arrangements. The Company also encourages share ownership among employees, and many are shareholders who are able to participate in the vote on the Policy at the AGM.

Is Shell petrol the best petrol to buy?😁

Cleaner engines perform better. So we’ve developed new Shell V-Power Diesel and Shell V power Unleaded. Our best cleaning power for your engine.

I’m very interested about developing renewable energy sources as it is more important at this point in time. What are Shell developing to help solve the major energy crisis? I understand you are running the gravity light project but that is not going to be a nationwide energy source for a first world country.

In 2016, we formed a New Energies business to pursue three main areas of opportunities: new fuels for transport, such as biofuels and hydrogen; integrated energy solutions, where wind and solar energy can partner with gas to manage intermittency; and connecting customers with new business models for energy, enabled by digitalisation and the decentralisation of energy systems.

Our focus remains on areas that share aspects with our core businesses, such as our biofuels joint venture Raízen (Shell interest 50%) in Brazil that produces ethanol from sugar cane, as well as hydrogen as a transport fuel. Working with the H2 Mobility joint venture in Germany, we aim to grow the hydrogen fuel network and are exploring other opportunities in the UK and USA.

We are looking at how best to combine wind and solar power with our existing business and capabilities. Our share of capacity from wind power projects in the USA is more than 400 megawatts. In the Netherlands, we have an interest in the consortium that, in December 2016, was awarded the concession by the Dutch government to develop the Borssele III and IV offshore wind farm projects, which are to be located 20 kilometres off the Dutch coast. We are exploring ways to deploy solar technologies to lower the carbon intensity of our operations.

Where do you see Shell in 10-15 years now that electrical vehicles are on the rise. Will Shell move into battery power eventually?

Shell will continue to be one of the world’s leading suppliers of fuels derived from oil and gas. But we are developing alternative fuels and assessing a range of energy sources so that we can continue serving the needs of customers, whatever and wherever they choose to drive.

Last week we announced our acquisition of NewMotion, one of the world’s leading electric vehicle charging providers. Read more in this article.

I would love to work with Shell. Would it include working on oil rigs as an electrical and electronic engineering graduate?

This depends on the role being assigned and you’ll know more about that during the interview. Not all Engineering roles will be on a rig.

What is the best way to progress in a leadership role?

Developing Future Leaders – we’ve designed the Shell Graduate Programme to give remarkable students and graduates like you a real role in our business, whether you join our Technical, Commercial Business or Corporate Functions area. We’ll provide you with the outstanding experience and training you’ll need to become a future leader of our business.

Do you think that sometimes you may need to take a job for a while which you may not be that passionate about in order to get to a position where you have an impact? 

The weighting of the 7 Ps varies over time. Perception and Purpose may matter more while you are starting out, while Pay and Place may matter more when you are starting a family for instance. But all are worth considering at any stage. You can read more about the 7 Ps here

Do you think the technology at GTL Pure, about lower carbon fuel for cars will be able to compete against electric vehicle technology?

We have started installing hydrogen fuel pumps in the UK, USA and Germany. We believe that a mosaic of fuels will be needed in the decades ahead, to keep more people and goods moving, with fewer emissions. Nobody should forget, however, that in order to be truly sustainable, electric vehicles need to be charged with power from low-carbon sources. After all, what good is an electric vehicle running on power generated in a coal-fired power station? Not much.

With ESG playing a huge role in investments and trading in other institutions, has Shell also started maintaining socially responsible trading strategies for commodities?

Shell’s trading and supply function is integrated within the Integrated Gas, Downstream and Upstream segments and is spread across multiple regions. It is inherently complex and exposes Shell to risks that are not normally associated with core oil and gas activities. Whilst trading is not uncommon amongst international oil and gas companies, it does require a robust internal control environment that is commensurate with that of a financial institution.

What is the best advice you would give a Management undergrad regarding qualifications needed and skills to develop?

Our degree matcher shows all the possible areas that a Management undergrad do. Each area describes the possible career path and what you could be doing.

What sort of questions are to be expected in a video interview?

This short, self-recorded video interview is an opportunity for you to tell us about yourself and your qualifications. You’ll also see some of our current graduates who will ask you a series of pre-recorded competency-based questions.

How would you reassure people that Shell is a good career choice when the oil and gas market is declining?

We need to fulfil the growing demand for energy, with more natural gas and cleaner energy products. There are still more than 1 billion people without access to electricity; those who use basic materials, such as firewood, for heating their homes or cooking meals

Do you feel there is enough opportunity within Shell for long career relations?

Performing competitively in the evolving energy landscape requires competent and empowered people working safely together across Shell. We recruit, train and recompense people according to a strategy that aims to organise our businesses effectively; accelerate development of our people; grow and strengthen our leadership capabilities; and enhance employee performance through strong engagement.

Do you think the online tests reflect how the actual person will behave?

Our assessment process leverages the latest technologies and has the candidate experience in mind. All elements of the application process attempt to predict future job performance and each part of the process supports the overall evaluation of how the candidate is fitting the CAR criteria we are looking for. (Capacity, Achievement and Relationships).

What do you think is important for an individual to think about when applying to a job? Should one apply to a role just to get a job when applying to graduate roles or is being focused to find a job in the field you truly want is more important?

It’s best to apply or go to a job that you passionate about and that you are competitive for. If you are not interested in an area that you have applied to, but simply want to “get the foot in the door”, then your performance/desire to stay within the role may differ than if you took a role that you are interested in.

For internships, which areas do you offer them in? Are interns given a wide view of the company, such as rotating through different sectors? 

Our internships are based on a real life project and you will stay within one business area for the internship. See more about our internships and the areas we recruit for here.

How do you encourage innovation and progression within the company?

Technology and innovation are essential to our efforts to meet the world’s energy demands in a competitive way. If we do not develop the right technology, do not have access to it or do not deploy it effectively, this could have a material adverse effect on the delivery of our strategy and our licence to operate.

We continuously look for technologies and innovations of potential relevance to our business. Our Chief Technology Officer oversees the development and deployment of new and differentiating technologies and innovations across Shell, seeking to align business and technology requirements throughout our technology maturation process.

How does Shell approach diversity and maintaining the men to women ratio, as some fields are very male dominant?

We aim for a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment that respects and supports all of our people and helps improve our business performance. Our diversity and inclusion (D&I) approach focuses on talent acquisition, progression and retention, inclusive leadership and on differentiating our external reputation.


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