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These are the workplace perks that people actually want

All of us here, we’re sure, are responsible, career-driven go-getters. But a small part of us has dreamt of sipping on a free cocktail, turning to a colleague and saying ‘Ah, the perks of the job’. You know, just like they do in the movies. It doesn’t always go that way though. Let’s talk some truths about workplace perks.

Why do companies give out perks?

workplace perks

The thing is, workplace perks have increasingly become less of a bonus and more of a necessity to lure top talent to a company. It’s not the be-all and end-all, sure. But if an employer can’t throw down with the likes of Apple and Google when it comes to company culture, that’s a huge deal-breaker these days.

See, the idea is to create better workplace engagement. The more engaged you are at work, the better you work. Companies don’t mind shelling out for the extra bit of productivity, especially for millennials – supposedly the least engaged generation in work right now.

workplace perks

We’ve got it good over here at Debut HQ. We’re signed up to Perkbox and the fine people at WeWork look after us with free beer, coffee, biscuits and table tennis(!). We’d say that helps us do our jobs just fine. 🌚

Elsewhere though, which of the many workplace perks out there do workers like the most? Which ones are not as useful? And which ones do most wish they had? Insurance company Towergate has come up with some answers.

The most (and least) engaging workplace perks

workplace perks

The research conducted by Towergate showed that the most popular perk had nothing to do with free stuff. The most popular was flexible working arrangements with 73% of working people surveyed feeling that flexibility was one of the most important factors.

Perks coming straight after that on the wishlist were a company pension and and increase in basic salary. Unsurprisingly, financial compensation perks like these increased engagement the most with 40% of workers saying it would work for them.

workplace perks

Among the least engaging perks were on-site gyms, which only 28% of workers actually used, free snacks and table footballs tables (but table tennis is okay, right?)

You can check out the full graphic, courtesy of Towergate, below. What kind of perks would draw you to a career, if any? Tweet us and let us know!

staff perks


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