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 Article by Alex Ekong

EY & Debut’s Peak Strength game offers the chance to win an internship

People of the world, we have HUGE news from the glistening ivory towers of Debut HQ: the games are back. 

It’s been months in the making and we’re ready to unveil our first game of the new season for all our Debutants. And as always, it comes with an amazing opportunity to have fun and win fantastic prizes. 

This time, we’ve partnered with global professional services organisation EY to create ‘Peak Strength’, an interactive and enthralling gaming experience which will test your skills and reveal your greatest abilities, whilst giving you the chance to stand out from the competition and win an internship of your choice.

The journey

win an internship with Debut and EY's exclusive new game Peak Strength.

Use your talents to journey through uncharted lands and see if you have what it takes to climb the mountain and reach the peak. Make it through game checkpoints and mind-expanding mini-challenges and see how far you can go. The route you take to get there is up to you.

On your journey you’ll pass a number of checkpoints. When you arrive, you’ll choose the skill you want to use to progress. Then you’ll need to demonstrate it. You do so by playing a number of mind-expanding mini-challenges which grow in difficulty as the mountain slopes upwards. These are the strengths you’ll need…


  • Accuracy: Do you excel at hitting targets? You’ll get plenty of opportunities to prove it. Use your attention to detail to hit the bullseye and advance on your journey.
  • Logic: These challenges require you to put together the pieces of the puzzle before you run out of time. If you look at problems and see answers, your brain is logically connected and you’ll have no trouble.
  • Memory: Processing data into information is easy. Retaining that information? That’s what’s hard. If you can do that, you’ve got a talent. Flip over the right card or memorise the pattern to move yourself forward.
  • Perception: If your eyes provide all the information you need, perception is your keenest strength. These challenges require you to look underneath the surface. For instance, can you detonate a bomb without untangling the wires?
  • Reaction: Sometimes it’s not what you do but how quickly you think to do it. The difference between six and 60 seconds can make or break a deal. Here, your progress up the mountain depends on it.

You’ll get four lives; fail a challenge and you’ll lose a life while remaining at the checkpoint until you beat the challenge. Successfully prove your strengths and you’ll reach the summit of the mountain. Then, the challenges get harder and your journey begins anew.

After November 17th, three lucky explorers from the Top 50 will be given the chance to earn one of three internships with EY in a location and service line of their choice. There’s even a £500 John Lewis voucher and a £250 Red Letter Day voucher to be won for the two top scoring players. So really, it’s all to play for.


How gaming gets you an internship

Employing innovative routes to reach and engage students through games like Peak Strength gives you a chance to show organisations like EY skills that aren’t easy to demonstrate on a CV. It provides you with another way to interact with employers in a more fun and creative way via your phone.

In 2015, EY led a progressive charge when they removed degree classifications as a barrier to entry for their graduate programmes. With Peak Strength, EY intends to push this initiative further and teach Debutants about the power and importance of their personal strengths.

“Using Debut to interact with students we otherwise may not have been able to reach, is key for EY right now,” says Dan Richards, Recruiting Leader at EY UK & Ireland. “It means we can really start to broaden what we do and raise awareness of our brand and student opportunities across a much more diverse group of students. Taking it one step further and creating a game with Debut is hugely exciting for us.”

So Debutants, you don’t need to find the keys to open doors – the keys are already in your hands. On behalf of us and EY, we hope that you’re able to reach the peak and find your strengths. You might just bag yourself an internship along the way.


Don’t wait. Peak Strength is live now on the Debut app.

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