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 Article by Alex Ekong

6 ways of stopping the party life from ruining your uni life

“Nah, I have a 9am tomorrow.”
“I can’t, I’ve got an essay due. ”
“My dog has his Christmas play in the morning and I just have to be there.”

In a perfect world, these would be perfectly reasonable excuses for why you don’t feel like going out. But no matter how many times you dig these out, you still end up in the kitchen at 5 in the morning on a Wednesday picking at a kebab you didn’t even really want. Pyjamas and Park and Recreation was such a good idea 8 hours ago.

If your housemates are party animals, this is your every-day reality. It’s making you a party addict by proxy. Stop letting this happen to you. You’re an independent person with your own dreams and goals. You shouldn’t be getting drawn in so easily by the siren song of #thesesh. Here’s a few ways you can resist.

Block it all out

ears earplugs

If you’re gonna plan your night out, it’s best to be prepared. You can’t be tempted by what you don’t know. Hence, if you can keep yourself from the allures of a night out, you won’t concede to it. Get ear plugs, turn that Netflix up… hell, most problems can be solved with headphones. Do whatever you can to distract yourself from the rich noise of the pre-drinks.

Change the vibe

music video 80s rock rap dj

Of course, there’s no reason that you can’t join in the pre-drinks. After all, it’s your house. You just need to subtly switch up the tone. The right playlist can commute a Big Night Out, into a pub trip or even a casual drink-up. That way, you can duck out and still get a reasonably early night.

Suggest another activity

transformers cartoons & comics robots shooting optimus prime

“Why don’t we whack out a board game? Why don’t we just hang out in the daytime? It’s meant to be nice out tomorrow.” It’s not the peace and quiet that you were looking for but watching ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ and drinking every time there’s an explosion is a chill way of achieving the goal of a good time. At least, without wandering too far from your laptop.

Plan your escape

happy free rain escape freedom

It’s a contingency plan at best, but if you have, absolutely have to go out, definitely plan a bail-out. Don’t ride with anyone who’s not going to be open to leaving early, bring taxi change and work out your public transport routes. You don’t wanna get trapped!

Hire an enforcer

Empire FOX fox empire stop chill

If you know your will is weak, reach out to someone in a similar predicament as you and make them your enforcer. What that means is when it’s 1am, one of you will have to forcibly drag the other out of the club. Don’t cry, don’t beg. It’s for your own good.


gilmore girls hug rory gilmore

You and your housemates are friends first and foremost. It’s important that you feel like you can talk to them about anything. If you want a couple nights off to focus on *ahem* uni-related things, they’re more than likely to understand. They’re going through it too after all. Alternatively…

Embrace it

music katy perry oh well

Maybe you should just go for it. Go all out. Go so hard you may never come back home again. And maybe, you’ll remember how poisonous alcohol is and never drink again. 💁


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