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 Article by Grace Harris

Part-time jobs: Why you should get one this September

“Argh – it’s already September!” we hear you scream. “Where has the summer gone? Where has the TIME gone? Term can’t be starting already?!”

Sorry to break it to you, but yes, yes it is. Term is about to begin which means a fresh new influx of university students, and the return of some old-timers, too. While this is great for university towns, it does mean one thing: high competition for part-time jobs.

Getting a part-time job

Sorry (again). We also know you probably don’t want to be talking about getting a job so soon, term hasn’t even begun after all! We know the start of term can be hectic; but getting a part-time job secured as soon as possible once you return to university is a sensible move to make. Let’s break-down why.

It is essential for your future

Might as well start with the big one. Any kind of work – even part-time work as a waiter, library assistant or promo staff for a brand – is essential in building your CV. No matter how insignificant or ill-suited a role is to your long-term career goals, there is always something to learn from positions such as these.

Because of this it is important to maximise your time at university by undertaking work on a part-time basis around your studies, if possible. Not only will you build new skills on the job, but you will also stand out to future employers as someone able to manage their time effectively and someone who is proactive – very desirable traits.

Skills for days

As we just said, you’ll gain a multitude of new skills from working part-time, that studying won’t give to you. Depending on your role you will probably gain skills in customer service, time management and working under a different kind of pressure to that exerted by your tutors and peers.

part-time jobs skills

On top of this it will show employers that you are financially accountable for yourself – and with recent research showing that three out of every five students don’t know how much their student loan is, that’s pretty desirable.

Money makes the world go round

Need we say more?! Working during your studies is a fantastic way of bumping up your bank balance so you can feel a little more financially secure.

Plus, finding work in September before all the hard work really kicks off means you’ll be able to build a strong relationship with your employer so that when exam season does begin, they will hopefully be more lenient if you need extra time off to revise. So get in there early before everyone else at university catches on!

It’s time well spent

You may not agree here, but it can get boring having too much free time. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the occasional afternoon off if lectures have finished for the day, but trust us – your future self will thank you for not lazing around all the time when you have a wallet full of cash and decent employer references at the end of a shift.

Bored without a part-time job

Part-time jobs are flexible

And this is crucial for students. Who can say how many hours of taught time you’ll have from one term to the next, let alone how many study hours that entails, and whether you’ll need time off for work experience or an internship, and more.

The beauty of a part-time job is that they are usually built around shift work and therefore flexible. You’ll be able to (mostly) work to a schedule that suits you, building your shifts around your studies (and, of course, what works for the employer).

So what are you waiting for? Get in there before your mates do…

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