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 Article by Alex Ekong

7 things you can do to organically get more followers

Having a cult following is the best. Just imagine how the guys from One Direction felt before they started feeling horrifically overwhelmed. You want that feeling of wall-to-wall praise and adulation every time you post something to social media. And we want that for you too.

What you want, ideally, is for people to find your personal brand organically, engage with it and then recommend it to others through word of mouth.

To get to that promised land, there are a couple things you might want to do first. Twitterers, Instagramers and Youtubers, listen and listen good. Here’s how you can get more followers.

Like posts that fall into your niche
more followers

Chances are you’re already liking posts that appeal you and fit your aesthetic. Keep doing it. It’s good way of letting people who follow similar, but bigger names know that you’re also involved in whatever corner of the internet you call home.

Jumping into tweetchats and the like will grant you even more exposure. Plus, it makes those names aware of you, opening up the doors for a collab in the future.

Be sociable

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People often forget that the operative part of social media, is ‘social’. If your followers feel like they’re just shouting into the void whenever they interact with you, they’re going to stop. Make the time to reply, have conversations, and build a rapport. A little bit goes a long way.

Get on those hashtags

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A pretty vital spice in any social media recipe for more followers. Jumping on the back of established tags like #MondayMotivation or #WednesdayWisdom will ensnare the casual browser for sure. Just don’t don’t too crazy with the number. 11 hashtags is the optimum amount  But be sure to mix this with your own unique hashtags, so that when they do a search, what comes up? Oh that’s right, all your content.

Ask you followers to do something

more followers

We in the business call this a ‘call-to-action’. If you’re posting something informative, encourage people to like and share. If you’re posting something relatable, encourage people to tag a friend.

All that helps the algorithms on social pages do their job and push content out for you. And just off that your content can snowball and reach a ton of people. More people, more followers.

Run a giveaway

more followers

This one’ll help you out twofold. Recently come into a surplus of desirable goods? Tell your adoring fans that you’ll give it away to a lucky person who likes a post or retweets a tweet. Haven’t got a wealth of treasures to spurn? You can make something that’s useful to your followers, like an e-book or a video guide.

Might not be cheap (At least not financially. Morally? Yes.) but it’s a pretty easy way to get that brand of yours out there. Plus you get rid of your fancy stuff, knocking out two birds with one stone. How’s that for efficiency?


Master the frequency

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Spoiler:  If you don’t keep posting regularly, your followers will find someone who will. Regularity and routine will get your followers used to seeing you and let them know where they can find you, when.

Check out this handy table from Buffer. As you can see, your basic Instagram account posts at least once a day. You can even post less than that. Just remember – if you’ve promised some content at a particular time interval, you need to stick to the plan.


Cross promote

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Having to be on multiple channels is a necessity these days. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can ensure everyone on your social media is aware of your other social media. See how Snapcodes post so perfectly on your Instagram?

And that’s not all. You can make buttons to embed in webpages, even put your bios to work promoting things for you. Neat, right?

Make your content powerful

more followers

Perhaps the most crucial thing of all here. None of these tactics are going to work if you’re consistently posting trash. Cause it’s not just about getting more followers, it’s about building a brand that really matters. And there’s no shortcut.

Post quality content consistently and the hoards of supporters will follow. Once you’ve figured your niche out, find something that visitors will keep coming back for and do it better than anyone else, more often than anyone else. And one day, my child, this world will be yours.

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