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 Article by Christine Wong

The three music mixes for a night in if you’re sick of clubbing

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Listen, we’ve all been through the Freshers’ Week wringer. And while some people love to hit up a good party, some of us get a little worn out from hittin’ up the clubs.

It’s not that we don’t wanna be social, but occasionally it’s nice to kick back and host a night in instead. So to set the mood, we’ve created a few playlists tailored to whatever night in you feel like having, from hosting your own get-together to chilling by yourself with a good book and some red wine.

Music Mixes for a Night In

1. Me Time

music mixes for a night in

This playlist is for when you just wanna curl up as a little blanket burrito and tune out the rest of the world. Sometimes you gotta just be by yourself, and that’s okay.

So here are some tunes for just that: taking a deep breath and re-charging.

2. Breakin’ It Down

music mixes for a night in

This playlist is for when you have some friends over and you want to create a fun atmosphere where you can get down and get groovy.

It’s a mix of nostalgia and heavy beats that work for either background noise or drunken sing-a-longs or both – a two-for-the-price-of-one kinda deal.

3. Boardgames and Chill

music mixes for a night in

This playlist is for the kind of hang-out where you invite people over for a board game night or a potluck.

Here you have music that sets up a chilled out vibe and allows you to talk and get to know each other, so it’s essentially the antithesis of the pounding club bass. Just what you need for a break from the parties!

All in all, it’s important to know that it’s okay not to want to party all the time. There are lots of other options you can spend your time on, and it’s totally fine to need to switch off from going out all the time. Hopefully with these playlists, you’ll be less worried about FOMO; you’re not missing out on anything by doing what makes you comfortable.

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