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 Article by Brenda Wong

These are the most expensive universities in the UK

What do you pay for when you pay for a degree? No doubt, some of us would reflect wistfully and say, “My university experience was priceless”. As for the rest of us? The rest of us struggled at uni. Surviving on Pot Noodles, not having the heating on because we’re trying to save on bills, scrounging through secondhand book sales? Enough.It’s about time we got more transparency over the hidden costs of university.

Previously, Debut’s research uncovered just how students were paying for the rising costs of university. It’s clear that students are going to great lengths to pay for their tertiary education. However, are young people just swimming against their mounting tide of debt?  The Telegraph reports that students are now leaving university with debts averaging £44,000. Buh-bye potential mortgage.

It may be too late for us debt-ridden grads. But for anyone applying for university this year, taking a look at universities through the lens of cost could (very literally) save them from a load of money troubles. compiled a piece of research entitled Degree of Valuemeasuring ten different variables to rank the cheapest and most expensive universities in the UK.


Methodology measured ten variables to determine the cheapest and most expensive universities in the UK. Among them: tuition fees, rent for halls of residence, private rent, travel costs, average social costs, books, food, clothes, gym and laundry.

The universities with the highest total costs make up the top ten most expensive universities and vice versa.



The most expensive universities in the UK

Regent's University London | The most expensive universities in the UK

Above: Regent’s University London (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Topping the list based on overall total cost is Regent’s University London, with the average degree costing students £38,854 per annum.

Of the top ten most expensive universities, eight of them are based in the capital city of London. The other two are based in Oxford, with both Oxford and Oxford Brookes University making the list for unis that cost the most 💷💷💷.


The cheapest universities in the UK

Abertay University | The most expensive universities in the UK

Above: The Logo of Abertay University on the side of Bernard King Library (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Let’s take a look at the other end of the spectrum. Scottish universities Abertay University and the University of Stirling both offer the lowest overall costs for students. Abertay University costs £15,880 (a whole £22,974 cheaper than Regent’s University London) whilst the University of Stirling costs £16,030.

Interestingly, both the University of Warwick and Loughborough University both appear in this list in the top ten cheapest universities in the UK. Respectively ranking 7th and 8th best university in the country, their inclusion seems to indicate that price does not necessarily equal value.

So, perhaps when you’re thinking about applying to uni (whether for an undergraduate degree or a masters), have a look at this list. You might get more bang for your buck as a result.

Feature image: Unsplash

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