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 Article by Brenda Wong

Millennials and baby boomers share the same work ethic, according to science

Seriously world. Why do you love to hate on millennials so much? Apparently we don’t have enough sex, we don’t buy enough diamonds, and we’re ‘digitally-obsessed ingrates with a horrific sense of entitlement’. Ouch.

Martha Stewart once slammed us for being lazy and self-indulgent. She wasn’t the first, and let’s be real, she probably won’t be the last. We millennials can now have the last laugh, though – because if we are lazy, we’re just as lazy as she is.

Study proves there’s no generational difference in work ethic between millennials, baby boomers and Gen-Xers


Woo, suck on that, haterz. The Journal of Business and Psychology published a report this week, examining these generational differences.

The research, conducted by Wayne State University, compiled the previous results of 77 studies and 105 measures of work ethic. The three stages of analysis examined Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials. The result of the study proved that society’s perceived notion of the ‘lazy millennial’ is simply untrue. There is no difference in work ethic.

This has huge implications for the workplace. Study author Keith Zabel commented saying “The finding that generational differences in the Protestant work ethic do not exist suggests that organizational initiatives aimed at changing talent management strategies and targeting them for the ‘very different’ millennial generation may be unwarranted and not a value added activity.”

“Human resource-related organizational interventions aimed at building 21st century skills should therefore not be concerned with generational differences in Protestant work ethic as part of the intervention.”

So yeah. Your Human Resources department’s efforts to ply you with a giant ball pit was probably not worth the budget spend. Let alone their attempts at using Snapchat to encourage recruitment.

We’re pretty chuffed about this study. Why, you ask? This proves that we’re just as driven and hardworking as any grown-up. We are these things despite a terrible economy, rising student loan debt, and all that abuse thrown at us simply for being born in the 90s.

Give us a break, will ya?

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