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 Article by Abigail Hanley

10 ways to stay motivated during the mid-semester slump  

The mid-semester slump is all too real. It has been over a month of being thrown into the first semester of uni again after a lovely long summer. So you may feel like you have got to the point where you just cannot study anymore. Do not panic! Before you give up, take a look at out ten top tips on how to overcome the mid-semester slump.

Take at least 1 day off a week to do something nice

Even if you have deadlines, it is important to take a break and refresh yourself before you go back to studying. See your friends, go to a gallery or pop out for lunch – food is always a winner!

Treat yourself!

Retail therapy is proven to make you feel better and give you an escape from the realities of your university life. If you cannot find the time to leave the house, why not order online and have the nice expectation of a delivery to your door in the next few days.

Go back home – make sure you see your family.

If you have a reading week make sure you take the time to go back home and spend some quality time with your loved ones who you probably do not get to spend much time with these days. A home cooked meal and a hot bath are all you need to feel super relaxed.

Leave the confines of your bedroom every day – make sure you do not spend all day cramped up in your room.

Pop to Sainsbury’s Local just to get some fresh air, or grab a cup of coffee from the local café. Just do something which involves walking. Maybe take a trip to your local park at lunch time and take a stroll, to get a breather and inhale some fresh air.

Look around for different places to do work

You do not always have to spend hours a day in your university library or in your house. Find a nice coffee shop, sometimes being surrounded by people living their own lives is very motivating. Also the coffee is bound to be better than what your student union café serves

Find some new music to listen to while you study.

Refresh your study playlist to upbeat, enthusiastic tunes which will pull you through your writer’s block and boredom.

Cook yourself a nice meal

Make sure you have a healthy, balanced diet. Go to a supermarket and do a food shop for at least a week’s worth of meals so you do not have to worry about what to eat while you are studying. Why not get some tasty snacks too to help with the work pressure?

Tidy your room

A clean space to work is good for your mind, it will make you feel fresh and ready to crack on with any work you have. Cleaning your room can often be a procrastination method for many people so take the time to tidy your room before you start working so you can begin with a clean workspace and mind.

Make time for wine (or a beverage of your choice)

mid-semester slump

Treat yourself at the end of a long week with a glass of wine. Take time out to go to the pub, or the cinema, or for dinner with friends to unwind after working your socks off!

Be patient

You will get the coursework done on time and the deadline will be over soon. Just remember this too shall pass.

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