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 Article by Brenda Wong

5 ways an IT career in the energy industry will surprise you

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Here at Debut, our mission is to get you, brave, ambitious young person, into the role of your dreams. Often, this means taking a misunderstood career path and revealing hidden treasures. Now, we all know that the energy industry is booming. Renewable energy is a continuing source of fascination. With climate change the way it is*, now, more than ever, we need the best minds in the game to (very literally) save the world.

*Climate change is a thing. Don’t let any politicians tell you otherwise.

1. Tech is needed in every single department

energy industry 1

Despite what people think, an IT career isn’t just tech support. Think about it – tech is needed everywhere. From finding a better way to secure employee feedback in human resources, tweaking the user experience of a machine’s interface, or building a customer service bot for clients.

An IT career is so beautifully flexible. A foundation in computer science can set you up for your life, no matter which industry. In regards to the energy industry, innovation is absolutely key:

2. Hardware is important, but software takes it to the next level

energy industry 2

We’d put money on this: when you think ‘engineering’ you probably think high-vis jackets, high seas and oil rigs. Of course, heavy machinery is a huge aspect of working in the energy industry. However, if you recall, there are two important components to tech. The physical hardware, and the software that helps to run it.

Imagine being part of a team that figures out the automation software needed to replace oil and gas forever. User experience is  the key to make sustainable energy ‘mainstream’. If you don’t believe us about the whole user experience being an important thing, take a wee look at Apple. Their iPhones have remained the same, but they update the iOS software basically every month. Why? Because perfection is impossible to attain, but there’s always room for improvement.

3. An IT career can and will take you places

energy industry 3

Don’t worry, doing an computer science role doesn’t involve sitting in a chair and not moving ever again. Sure, there’s a lot of screen time. However, E.ON’s IT and Business Change scheme takes you all over the UK, and even a spell overseas! Cities such as Berlin, Paris, Budapest or Malmö could be your next job locations.

Generally, working in information technology lends itself really well to remote work. After all, isn’t everything up in the cloud nowadays?

4. You can develop some serious soft skills

energy industry 4

Another stereotype: techy people aren’t people people. However, no man is an island, even if they work in IT. A role in IT requires some serious communication skills, strong project management, and requires you to be a quick problem-solver.

5. There’s no other role with more potential

energy industry 5

An IT career in the energy industry is absolutely bursting with opportunity. This sector is moving at warp speed Star Trek-style, and it’s just waiting for you to come on board.

Whether you’ll be working to improve a business’ efficiency, or whether you’ll get the chance to work on cutting-edge technology, the world will be your oyster. Just don’t forget us once you make it to the top.

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