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 Article by Alex Ekong

This is your chance to intern with Chance The Rapper

Are you ready for your blessing? Are you ready for your miracle? Well, here it is. Big news on Twitter yesterday as Grammy Award-winning musician Chance The Rapper put the call out for an intern to come and work for him.

intern with Chance

Yessir, if you’re looking for experience in marketing or advertising it looks like this is your chance (HA! Sorry…) to work with one of the biggest and most beloved hip-hop artists in the world right now.

Chance’s brief specifies that he is looking for “someone who has experience in putting together decks and writing proposals”. He’s asked interested parties to send in their resumés in the form of ‘creative decks, pitches and proposals’.

As of time of writing, there are no geographic requirements and no deadline for submissions. There’s also no salary details and even the man himself seems a bit unclear on whether or not this is a job or an internship.

Chance revealed not too long ago that he was paid $500,000 by Apple to host his latest mixtape Coloring Book exclusively on his streaming service. He also recently donated $1 million to public schools in Chicago. One would assume that he’ll do that right thing and pay his intern. You don’t want zero problems, big fella.

After all, Chance understands what it’s like to hustle and grind like an intern does. The rapper has independently released three acclaimed mixtapes, headlined festivals and is reportedly worth over $5 million dollars.

Naturally, people on Twitter are falling over themselves to have the opportunity to intern with Chance


Here are just a few of our favourites, like this guy who created an entire website…

…only to get the link wrong when he tweeted it to Chance

The social editor for the New York Times, who perfectly captured the mood

Then there’s this guy, who definitely has the proper experience

And this guy who, in the spirit of the potential employer, vouched for his friend using the art of rhyme

The whole procedure might seem a little bit unorthodox but there are still plenty or reasons to go for an internship. Fast Company reports that 64% of new hires in North America started out as interns. Take one with Chance the Rapper and who knows where it might lead.

If you’re interested, send along an application (in the correct format) to Or, you prefer your internships to be a bit more conventional, why not have a look on the Debut app instead.

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