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The complete guide to graduate jobs in 2017

It’s ON. It is, as they say, crunch time. To use a cleaned up quote from Bad Boys 2, this just got real. Uni’s done and it’s time to sort your graduate job. Terrible timing, right? You’re still groggy and disorientated from a month of exams and a month of binge-drinking to celebrate exams being over. It’s a good thing you’re here then to read our guide to graduate jobs in 2017.

Everything you need to know about graduate jobs in 2017

If you’re feeling a little bit upside down about applying for a graduate job, count on this guide to turn you right-side up again. It’ll give you all the crucial information you need to make a smart decision about what you want to do next and get you through the application process. No need to thank us, just pay it forward and share this with someone else in the same boat.

Things to consider while you apply

graduate jobs in 2017

Okay, champ. Let’s start with applying. At this point, you’ve probably done countless, frustratingly long applications because you didn’t have the prior forethought to download Debut (it’s okay, you weren’t to know). If not, you’ve at least peered at what you need to do and shuddered at the daunting task. Perhaps if you knew had some good advice, you’d feel a little bit better about things…

8 ways to get serious about your job search after graduation

While you’re not in any worse a position if you graduate without having a job offer, you might wanna zero on your goal of gainful employment. If you want your job search to bear fruits faster, try searching for a mentor in the industry, creating your own personal website or building up your commercial awareness. You’ll be off to a flyer in no time.

8 surprising things to consider when you’re applying for jobs  /

Graduate jobs in 2017 are about more than a salary and neat little benefits. What about company culture, values, commuting and your work/life balance. No-one can answer these questions for you. So before you apply to a company, you have to answer them for yourself. Because your employer has to be a fit for you just as much as the other way around.

What if things haven’t gone quite to plan?

graduate jobs in 2017

If final didn’t quite go the way you planned, don’t panic. You’re not dead in the water yet. You’re absolutely still in with a shout at the graduate job you were hoping for, you might just have to do things a little differently.

The best graduate schemes you didn’t know you should apply for 

So, your first choice employer rejected you after the telephone interview. Plenty more fish, right? Honestly, so many great graduate jobs in 2017 are looking for people with talents that aren’t conventionally associated with their industries. Why not apply your creative skills in the science sector? Or use your STEM skills at a law firm? The possibilities are endless.

Over 30 graduate jobs you can still get with a 2:2 in your degree

After being told by your mum, your dad, your lecturers, your mates, the media and Jesus Christ himself that getting a 2:2 would ruin your life, you might be a touch despondent if you have one. Well, right here we have literally more than 30 reasons why it’s not the end of the world

These are companies offering the highest graduate salaries this year

graduate jobs in 2017

Jessie J once claimed that “it’s not about the money, money, money” and those of us who live in the real world vehemently disagreed. Money isn’t everything, but a well-paying graduate job could set you on a good path for the rest of your career.

If that’s what you’re looking for then you’re in luck. Just two of The Times Top 100 graduate employers are planning to pay their grads £20,000 or less. For everywhere else, the median salary was a cool £30,000. In fact, one in six jobs at the UK’s top employers now have initial salaries of £40,000, with investment banks and law firms leading the way.

These are the sectors hiring the most grads

graduate jobs in 2017

With the whole world looking for graduate jobs in 2017, you might wanna choose where you concentrate your effort. Debut stumbled upon research which revealed the accounting and professional services sector was going to hire the most graduates this year. This was to address to a recruitment shortfall among the top companies.

Sure, it’s competitive as hell to get into a place like EY or KPMG, but there’s ample space for you.  Despite there being a 9% increase in applications, hundreds of positions remained unfilled in 2016. So in the words of Jimmy Eat World, “Hey, don’t write yourself off yet.”

These are the universities top employers seek to recruit from

graduate jobs in 2017

Did you know that employers from different sectors target specific universities when looking for talent. I bet you don’t. It’s like finding out Santa Claus isn’t real. It’s true though, the average employer targets around 20 universities each time they’re looking for recently graduated talent, according to a High Fliers study. Some industries do even more than that, the thirsty professional services firms targeting a whopping 31 universities nationwide.

The 10 most targeted universities include Warwick, Birmingham, Cambridge, Oxford and Manchester. Compare that now to the list of universities that produce the most employable grads and you’ll see four London universities in the top ten that didn’t make it in the first list. Check both out and see where your university is. You might find you’re in with a top shout at a company right up your street.

These are the skills you need
graduate jobs in 2017

Frantically looking for a job might not be the wave when you first come home from uni. Taking time out to refine your skills might just spare you the anguish of a long job search. Here are a few skills you might want to brush up on before you go into battle.

Five future skills you’ll need to succeed in the workplace

These are graduate jobs in 2017 we’re talking about. We’re in the era of self-driving cars and takeaway drones. To assure yourself of a graduate jobs you’re gonna have to have skills enough to beat the robots. Learn how you can demonstrate cognitive flexibility, emotional intelligence and more.

10 digital skills you need to add to your CV

Learning how to vlog, build your own website from scratch or learn about growth hacking could bring you closer to a job than a thousand speculative applications. Graduate jobs in 2017 live in a digital age. These skills will help you keep up.

Career boosting skills you can grab for free

There’s a bunch of ways you can make yourself employable for without spending your hard-loaned money on Udemy classes. From languages to coding, this piece will teach you skills that’ll give you the invincible CV you always dreamed of.

The top ten skills you need in 2017 to get hired

We covered this in January and yup, it still applies. It’s likely to keep applying for the foreseeable future too. There’s a wealth of tech-based skills in here, some you may never have heard of.  You never know which one could give you the competitive edge though.

If you don’t have a grad job by now, all we can recommend is that you scroll up and start again from the top. Or alternatively, you can download Debut and let the careers find you. Either way, we wish you every possible success. Good luck!

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