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 Article by Roxanne Metz-Johnson

12 Game of Thrones characters who are literally your work colleagues

This post was written by an external contributor. We hate to break it to you, but your work colleagues have uncanny similarities with Game of Thrones characters. Roxanne Metz-Johnson breaks it down.  

Though we are knee-deep in July, be warned that Winter is well and truly here and right inside your office. Have you ever mulled upon the parallels between your workplace and Westeros?  Well look no further! You aren’t imagining it, you actually work with several GoT characters, and you’ll find some of the resemblances uncanny…

Podrick Payne, a.k.a The Intern

games of thrones work colleagues

Dutiful, diligent, and aiming to please, the intern just wants to make a good impression. He will never say no to working late or finishing a job for you and this trait means he is easily taken advantage of by those running to clock out.

He goes above and beyond in his role which will hopefully lead to permanent knighthood, I mean, employment. There has never lived a more loyal squire.

Margaery Tyrell, a.k.a The Networking Queen

games of thrones work colleagues

This smart cookie strategically places herself amongst the big names to rub shoulders with the right people and climb that career ladder. Networking 101; get noticed, and she does just that.

Charity events, roles of responsibility, volunteering in different departments, you name it, she’s done it. She knows what she wants and how to get there, and while pleasant in demeanour, she’s not necessarily here to make friends.

Lord Varys, a.k.a The Office Busybody

games of thrones work colleagues

This is the person who knows everyone and everything. Maybe they have an air about them which makes them a trusted confidant. Maybe they just have really good hearing.

Either way this is the go-to person for all the inter-department Intel and will find out if the cutie from HR is single for you. The Office Busybody always has the tea on who’s dating, who’s up for promotion, and who brought birthday cake in.

Bronn, a.k.a “Laidback Jack”

games of thrones work colleagues
He comes in, gets the job done, and he’s out. No mess, no noise. He knows what he’s doing and could do it with his eyes shut. He’ll crack a joke or two to lift the Monday mood.

You can always count on this guy to start the countdown to Friday on Tuesday, or to give the old wink-nudge referencing the suggestive weekend just gone, oi oi. After-work drinks anyone?

Brienne of Tarth, a.k.a “My Job is My Life” Colleague

games of thrones work colleagues
There’s having a true passion for your career and then there’s this gal. There’s always one person who takes their job entirely too seriously. If you clock out a bit early or use the office printer to print festival tickets, she’s there, marshal badge in hand, to remind you of the company code of conduct.

As much as you want to tell her to chill out, she’s a good ally to have reputation-wise…best to stay on her good side. “Misusing office resources is an act of treason!”

Samwell Tarly, a.k.a Your Mentor

games of thrones work colleagues
This is the person you go to when you have no clue what you’re doing but do not want to be judged for it. He’s been in your shoes before; made all the same mistakes and wishes he’d had someone to show him the work hacks he now knows.

Trustworthy, knowledgeable and easy to talk to; this is the guidance guru with a friendly smile. He only wants the best for you, bless him.

Lord Baelish, a.k.a The Office Snake

games of thrones work colleagues

The person who will readily throw you under the bus in order to progress their own career. He will smile in your face and passively aggressively correct your work conduct via email with your team leader CC’d in.

Any information gained from casual convo is being stowed into his arsenal of dirt on colleagues, saving for leverage when the time comes. Hopefully your Office Snake isn’t quite as sinister as Littlefinger, nonetheless, watch your back.

Daenerys Targaryen, a.k.a The Young Senior Manager

games of thrones work colleagues

Everybody underestimates her due to her age and inexperience, but with a score of qualifications and achievements under her belt in a short space of time she was bound to intimidate some of the older senior managers.

She understands the importance of communicating with junior levels of staff and works towards flattening out that hierarchy. But don’t come with disrespect, because she will put you in your place.

Mance Rayder, a.k.a The Older “Stuck-In-Their-Ways” Colleague

games of thrones work colleagues
He’s been with the company 25 years, and he’ll be sure to slip that into conversation at any given opportunity. Somewhat of a technophobe, he’ll scoff at changes made comparing them to the highly-treasured, albeit dated, processes back in his day.

Training refresher days? Wireless telephone updates? He will not bend the knee. These guys are great for old industry tricks and tips despite the nostalgic tirades. Re-invention and evolution are good, but these guys are probably familiar with the blueprint. Word to Hov.

Bran Stark, a.k.a “Out of Office” Colleague

games of thrones work colleagues
Is he off sick or is he working from home? This is the guy you forgot you even worked with, but have been assured many a time that he is working on a highly important project.

He probably has a wealth of knowledge and skills but couldn’t name five members of the team.  A recluse left alone to work on and perfect his vision (pun intended), even if it means shutting everyone else out. What does he look like again?

Cersei Lannister, a.k.a The Scary CEO

games of thrones work colleagues
Regal, commanding and quite frankly intimidating. This is the big boss you can’t quite look in the eye for too long because it is literally piercing your soul and exposing your inadequacy.

She’s experienced in the game, and while not necessarily making a beeline towards murder or incest, she has had some ruthless moments that have left you shaken up. Like Cersei, the CEO has powerful connections and makes big moves without getting her hands dirty. When she passes your floor, my God, you’d better look busy before she questions your entire existence.

Yara Greyjoy, a.k.a The Bullish Team Leader

games of thrones work colleagues
You can always expect a rallying pep talk from this one as she lays out the incentive and targets for the month ahead (may or may not include sports analogies).

She wants to win and has every faith that her team is the team to do it.  Backed up by stats and performance history, she doesn’t want to hear “can’t”, she wants results! “No fight is hopeless till it has been fought!”

So it is confirmed, you dwell among citizens of the Seven Kingdoms from the comfort of your break room. The question that now remains is…which one are you?


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