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 Article by Brenda Wong

13 flat cleaning tips that’ll save time and money

1. Learn how to make a power scrubber with a drill

13 flat cleaning tips that'll save time and money

This genuinely blew our minds. The ease. The EASE OF THIS HACK.

Tutorial by Nifty here.

2. Steam your microwave to get rid of the gunk

13 life-saving ways to clean your grimy freshers flat

You’ll feel so much better after the stains from last night’s takeaway disappear from the glass window.

Tutorial by The Kitchn here. 

3. Clean out any faucet buildup with vinegar

13 life-saving ways to clean your grimy freshers flat

Genius. Apparently soaking some faucets with vinegar cleans out any hard water buildup (you know, that awful white stuff.) Shiny faucets make you seem like you have your life together, so get on this.

Tutorial by Cute as a Fox here. 

4. Get rid of your mouldy shower curtains

13 flat cleaning tips

There’s no saving them, guys – apparently once you can see the mould there’s literally millions of mould spores present. You can get rid of it, but that requires a ton of bleach (and effort).

5. Apparently, you shouldn’t be using soap

13 flat cleaning tips

Use shower gel instead. Soap contains fats and oils that cause scum to build up in the shower. Since shower gel is basically a detergent, it doesn’t have the same effect. Neato.

6. Always keep a little bit of cleaning liquid at the bottom of your toilet brush pan.

13 flat cleaning tips

And always wash the brush after use because, uh, obviously.

7. Use baking soda on fabric couches to get rid of bad smells

13 flat cleaning tips

Goodness knows what’s been on there from previous freshers.

Tutorial by POPSUGAR here.

8. Use this 2-ingredient no-scrub bathtub cleaner

13 flat cleaning tips

The tutorial says to add a few drops of your favourite essential oil (lavender, peppermint, etc.) if you want to mask the smell of vinegar.

Tutorial by Buzzfeed here. 

9. Dust your TV/any LCD screens with a coffee filter

13 flat cleaning tips

Now, here’s us assuming you guys will have coffee filters, but TBH instant coffee is the devil.

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