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 Article by Alex Ekong

Fabric is reopening. This is why young people need it more than ever.

Our journalist intern Alex Ekong gives the Debut perspective on the major news that Fabric will open once again.

Imagine me, a doe-eyed uni student looking forward to starting work in London. I finally graduated, moved back home, got a job in Shoreditch and then… tragedy.

Islington Council revoked fabric’s license during my very first week at Debut. I was gutted. Since I left home for university, the plan was always to return home and finally experience this vaunted staple of London nightlife.

Now it seems that I and thousands of others will finally have that chance again as yesterday, after a long appeal process and social media campaign, the celebrated venue agreed a deal allowing it to reopen its doors.


happy birthday celebration happy birthday parks and rec
The don himself, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan had this to say:

“I am delighted that this agreement has been reached and that fabric will now reopen. I have always said that we needed to find a common-sense solution that protects both the future of fabric and the safety of all clubbers – as this does.”

Naturally, with something this important to young people, everyone’s feeling some type of way.

Of course, the ravers are excited

And so are the artists, like South London grime don Novelist

Some are understandably worried about what the future holds with the strict new regulations

But there are some eternal optimists among them

This guy especially

Kanye secret show at Fabric confirmed. 👀🙌

Now Sadiq, there was something else we wanted to ask you about

Amen sister. 🏡

Maybe this is 2016 trying to redeem itself

This guy can’t wait to get back into the old routine

Here’s the most important thing though. We saved our culture.

So all that being said, get hyped. Live music and rave culture (‘the sesh’, if you will) are an important part of keeping work and life in balance. Especially in a high-tension concrete jungle like London.

A lot of pressure is put on young people these days. The idea that so-called millenials are lazy, unconcerned or apathetic is rife amongst the older generations.

As we inherit a world has way more challenges than it did 30 years ago, we need physical safe spaces we can go to lift the weight of living off our shoulders.

We need fabric and places like it to stay healthy and even with its new laws, expect it to stay a crown jewel in our city. #saveourculture

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