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 Article by Brenda Wong

How E.ON put on a networking event like no other

Networking. Let me ask you. Did you get a shudder down your spine reading that word? A New York Times survey in 2010 once ranked the fear of networking higher than the fear of death. So if you did, you’re certainly not the only one.

It doesn’t have to be scary, though. E.ON ran an event at Debut HQ with the aim of meeting the best and the brightest Debutants to see if there were any who seemed like a good fit for the E.ON family. The last thing they wanted was to intimidate.


So, what do you do to make a networking event fun? We here at Debut HQ can tell you. You take out the dress code, you let the attendees ask a ton of questions, and you serve enough pizza to feed a village.

Hats off to E.ON who put on an incredible show. They brought in actual E.ON graduates to speak about the schemes available. They were able to answer tough questions about company culture, career progression and perceptions about the energy industry with grace and a fantastic attention to detail.

E.ON event

We spoke to five young people who were there at the event. Here were their thoughts about E.ON’s friendly approach to networking:


E.ON event

“There was so much information in this event! I honestly think this event has really helped to shape my path after university.”


E.ON event

“I think this event was really great, because they got actual experts. Since they’re experts, it felt that they were the right figures of authority to be speaking to us about potential opportunities at the company. I found it very informative listening to their real-life experiences, and I’ll share this information with others later.”


E.ON event

“I originally came here with an interest in analytical marketing, but now I’ve attended the event, customer ops has piqued my interest.”

“The speaker’s vision of transforming the company and optimising everything, making it more efficient – it’s right up my street as a mechanical engineering student.”

Geoffrey & Olivia


Geoffrey: “This event gave us an insight into a range of opportunities with E.ON. As engineers, we often are pigeonholed into one area of the business, but actually that’s not true – there are so many areas. This was the perfect opportunity to learn more about other experiences.”

Olivia: “I agree. It was nice to hear about the sheer variety of opportunities and all of the different roles. Before this I only knew about E.ON as an energy company. It was nice to see a different side, the strategic business side of the company.”

Seems like everyone had a swell time at the E.ON event. We sure did! Networking could lead you to incredible opportunities. All you have to do is take a deep breath, enter the room, and go with the networking flow.


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