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 Article by Jessica Murray

Dream job opportunity: Protect our planet from aliens

Is there really life on Mars? Do alien’s exist? Well NASA must think so, as they’re recruiting a new Planetary Protection Officer. You could get paid upwards of £100k to protect earth from alien life forms, as well as to protect other planets from our contamination.

The new recruit will be working alongside some of the smartest minds in space exploration, developing ideas on how we can explore other planets without interfering with their biospheres. For example, when sending rovers to Mars, they need to be thoroughly sterilised to ensure no cross contamination of organisms between the two planets.

We’re not alone

dream job alien protection

Catherine Conley, who previously held the role, was interviewed for Scientific American in 2014, and discussed the problems that arise when planning potential human habitation of Mars. “Will the humans be alive by the time they get to Mars? If they die on Mars, are they then contaminating the surface?” All fascinating stuff.

While it’s a hefty responsibility, you will be rewarded generously for your efforts. The salary is a whopping $124,406 – $187,000.

Blast off

dream jobs aliens exist

So channel your inner Sigourney Weaver, have an Alien movie marathon and you’re all set to apply for a job with the most interesting job title we’ve heard in a long time.

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