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 Article by Monique Perks

Is doing an MA just an excuse to put off “adulting”?

This post was written by a member of the Debut Student Publisher Network. Monique left an amazing job to have an adventure in New York, doing an MA. But is that running away from responsibility? Read on.

I sometimes feel that after working for two years, going to do my MA felt like I was running away from “real” adult life. I don’t earn a lot of money, I still live with my parents and I do not have a job. But honestly? I’ve learnt  more in my year studying for my MA about the “real” adult world than I think I would have in a “normal” job. And here’s why.

1. You learn more about time management

doing an MA

Source: Walt Disney

Everyone learns the importance of time-management at either their bachelor’s degree or in their first job. However, embarking on an MA really enhances this skill, turning you into time management guru 2.0!

Many people, like myself, take up an MA alongside some form of employment – and hats off to you! It is hard. Juggling employment, academics and having a life can sometimes feel pretty daunting. The juggling act has taught me the importance of planning my time, AND scheduling my down time. Having a healthy balance between the two is extremely important. It means you won’t become overwhelmed with tight deadlines in the classroom and at work.

2. You learn that you need to take care of yourself – i.e. health and fitness and also mental health

doing an MA

Source: Fitness Magazine

This links back to time management. If you do not schedule your time well you will not only be overwhelmed with deadlines but become run down, stressed and potentially unhealthy.

Taking time to cook nutritious meals, take a walk, or go to a gym class will not only work wonders for how you perform at work. It will also improve also how you feel about yourself. So go for that run. Make time to read your favourite magazine. Heck, watch the next episode of your favourite Netflix show- you deserve it!

3. You learn the importance of a good social circle

doing an MA

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Studying an MA allows you to surround yourself with some unbelievable, like-minded people. I have learnt the importance of surrounding myself with people that uplift and inspire me, helping me to be the best version of myself I can be. We all challenge each other and make each other really think about our future careers, aspirations and also our next essay submissions!

I cannot begin to explain how much I think a good social circle can enable one to grow professionally and socially. Your social circle gives you the confidence to know you can go out and boss the world in whatever way you want to.

4. You learn the importance of networking

doing an MA

Source: Brella

Networking. Sorry guys, I am going to be one of those people who tell you how important networking is. But it is true! It really is so important in today’s working world. The more people you know and who know you, the more opportunities you have to get yourself and your CV in front of that desired person.

Your skills are incredibly important and do count for a lot. The reality is, most of the time your connections count for so much more. Studying an MA has taught me to make the most of my tutors and their connections. More importantly,  my peers as well. Who knows who among my pals will become the next Steve Jobs or Arianna Huffington?

5. You learn the importance of expanding yourself intellectually

doing an MA

Source: Devianart via Kumicho23Ken

Studying for my MA has reignited my passion for learning. After working for two years in London, I was unsure if I would be able to get back into the academic lifestyle – but I was so wrong.

Taking a break from full-time work has really reaffirmed how much I love learning. I would recommend  studying an MA to anyone who feels that they have lost that drive to learn. It has made me not just want to learn about my current course, but read more, take additional classes and try new hobbies.  It has reinstated my desire to strive for life-long learning and would encourage further study to anyone who feels the same way as I do.

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