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 Article by Brenda Wong

#DebutTalk Recap: 2016, A Year in Review

2016. The year that will go down in everyone’s collective memory as one of the most challenging, eye-opening and unpredictable slices of human history.

Our inaugural #DebutTalk Twitter Chat reflected on the roller-coaster of a year we’ve just had. Dozens of Debutants took part, sharing their 2016 highlights, how they’ve changed, and the lessons they’ll take away from what seems to be a very formative year.

Missed out on this week’s #DebutTalk chat? Never fear, we’ll be back with a bang in January. The topic? Modern Interviews. We’ll be peeking inside the room where it happens, discussing job interview dos and don’ts, and more.

Without further ado, here are our favourite responses to #DebutTalk: 2016, A Year in Review.

Q1: What has been your highlight of 2016?

2016: A Year in Review

2016 has been notoriously slated in the media. In fact, one of the most popular Internet memes this year has been the someone NSFW ‘F*** you, 2016‘ meme. Ouch. Nevertheless, we wanted to focus on the positive with this question, and it was delightful seeing all of the brilliant achievements people have had this year.

Q2: How are you different today than you were 365 days ago?

2016: A Year in Review

After all, the only constant in life is change.


Q3: Did you have any resolutions? If so, which ones did you keep?2016: A Year in Review

New Year’s resolutions are a bit of a divisive topic, as seen in the responses to this question. (Full disclaimer, the author does not believe in them whatsoever.)


Q4: If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself this time last year?

2016: A Year in Review

Sometimes, the most important lessons we can learn are the hardest ones. With the benefit of hindsight, we asked our Debutants to share what they’ve learnt this year.


Q5: Tell us about a person, whether personal, professional, or culturally significant, that defined 2016 for you.


No one is an island. We are defined by the relationships we have, and the influencers we choose to define us. Some truly lovely suggestions by the #DebutTalk gang:

Q6: Tell us one goal, personal or professional, that you have for 2017.


Nothing like a little bit of planning in order to gear you up for what looks like an exciting new year.


Q7: If you could sum up 2016 in three emojis, what would they be?


We couldn’t resist.


The Post #DebutTalk Live Show

Content Creator Alex Ekong and Social Media Manager got together to discuss their #DebutTalk highlights. Check it out and sound off in the comments!

We’ll be back with our next #DebutTalk Twitter Chat in January, so pencil that date in, pals:

For even more amazing tweets, check out the Twitter Moment we created.

See you all next year for weekly #DebutTalk Twitter chats!

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