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 Article by Hiran Adhia

21 comfort foods to soothe your soul after a job rejection

This post is written by a member of the Debut Student Publisher Network. Read on for Hiran’s epic list of rib-sticking comfort foods. 

We know what’s it like to read that generic rejection email. The immediate urge to tell every employer to get in the sea. But fear not, because we got you boo.

When they offer you an internship…and then they drop that it’s unpaid – don’t fret, there’s a comfort food for that. When they tell you that you don’t have enough experiencefor an entry level job – it’s okay brah, there’s a comfort food for that too. When you’re feeling like jacking it all in and becoming a full-time Pokemon Go hunter, remember, there’s a comfort food for that. (Actually this sounds decent)

For all of those times that you don’t feel like enough, fill that hole with food. Fill that hole with the baddest food the internet has to offer. Everything here can be made in a tiny kitchen in under 20 minutes…and when you’re in that food coma, think of us and smile.

1. Ultimate Gooey Brownies

comfort foods

Chocolate is necessary right now, we all know the drill. Now think about this brownie as it melts in your mouth. The only saltiness you’ll feel after eating these is in the peanut butter filling.

Preparing the gooey-ness: 10 minutes

Recipe by Handle the Heat

2. Cookie Dough Stuffed Pancakes

comfort foods

Apparently, these aren’t even bad for you (I’m not lying). Yo, look at them – GUILT-FREE indulgence! Wrap yourself in a pancake blanket of goodness and thank me later.

From oven to your mouth: 15 minutes

Recipe by Kelley & Cricket

3. Bacon & California Avocado Fries

comfort foods

You may not be makin’ the bacon in your new job, but at least you can eat some here without feeling like your life is falling apart. Right? RIGHT?

From Cali to yo’ belly: 15 minutes

Recipe by Dine and Dish

4. 3-ingredient Microwave Hot Fudge

comfort foods

In true Bridget Jones fashion, here is something to soup up your ice-cream crutch in 30 seconds. You might want to try this out a few times yourself before you share it with friends. For…you know…consistency.

From microwave to mouth: 30 seconds

All hail Katie at the Kitchen Door’s recipe for this one

5. Gin and Tonic Cake

comfort foods

Don’t even think I need to write a description about this one, to be honest. If there are any more reasons to love gin, then I am struggling to find one. Just promise me you won’t drive after finishing the batch.

Prep time until gin o’clock: 15 minutes

Props to Sorted Food’s recipe for this instant bookmark

6. Steak & Cheese stuffed Pretzel Bites

comfort foods

Okay, okay these are definitely more American, but look at that cheese ooze. The good thing is that they freeze well too (Who are we kidding, you’re just going to eat all of them aren’t you?)

From USA to UR MOUTH: 20 minutes

Recipe by Perpetually Hungry

7. Molten Lava Nutella Mug Cake

comfort foods

Stop feeling like a mug, and use one to eat your delicious, delicious feelings. We all know that Nutella is the original guilty pleasure, but you can feel even more guilty with this beauty. Four ingredients, no eggs and one happy human.

Time to prep this absolute *fire*: 16.5 minutes

Recipe provided by Kirbie’s Cravings

8. French Onion Mac-and-Cheese Soup

comfort foods

The only thing that should be frothing and bubbling away in your life right now is this cheesy onion soup on the side of this bowl. I don’t know how to feel about this mash-up, but anything with macaroni cheese is always a winner. Al-ways.

Prep time for this soup-urb dish: 20 minutes

Recipe by Food Network Kitchen

9. Drunken Aussie Burger

comfort foods

Real talk, after a rejection, we’ve all entertained the idea of a drunken Aussie (burger). This is the dirtiest burger I have ever seen. The author even describes it as “a burger on steroids” and “egg porn”. Yeah. I said egg porn. (Sorry)

Put this bun in your oven for: 15 minutes

Recipe cooked up by Cafe Delites

10. Roasted Tomato and Egg Grilled Cheese Sandwich

comfort foods

This ain’t no ordinary sandwich. This is a (wo)manwich. The Big Cheese. The Godfather of Grills. You’re only doing this right if you’re eating it with two hands and you’ve got butter on your fingers. Don’t let me down.

From the grill to your grill: 10 minutes

Recipe sourced from Naturally Ella

11. Lasagna Dip

comfort foods

My boy Garfield would definitely be proud of this one. This is all of the nostalgia of eating your Mum’s lasagna without spending half a day making one. Depending on how bad you’re feeling you can either spread this on toast or just drink it straight up. No judgement here.

Making Garfield/yourself happy: 15 minutes

Recipe graciously Googled from Cravings of a Lunatic

12. 1-minute Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake

comfort foods

This is the sort of comfort food you can have without worrying about diabetes. There is NO butter, grains, oil or sugar in the entire recipe – and all you need is a microwave and a mug. Not rocking science, but godly.

Time needed to roll: 60 seconds

Recipe from The Big Man’s World

13. Cheat Cookies ‘n’ Cream Ice Cream

comfort foods

Tl;dr Crush some Oreos and roll them in some heavy cream. Freeze. Contemplate how great this tastes while questioning the simplicity. Rinse and repeat.

From Oreo to scoop: 10 minutes

Recipe from Clean, Cheat, Repeat

14. One Pan Creamy Garlic Pasta

comfort foods

Ain’t nobody got time for washing up, amirite? You’re definitely going to have 90 percent of the ingredients for this dish in your kitchen and you can eat it straight out of the pan. Obviously wait for the pan to cool down first though.

This one pan wonder takes: 15 minutes

Recipe courtesy of our friends at Kitchen Mason

15. Apple Cider Floats

comfort foods

It’s 11AM? What do you mean? Of course it’s fine…this has got ICE CREAM in it so it doesn’t count! And apples are one of your five a day. Stop judging me Dave*, I’ve had a bad day alright. (*Replace with name of friend who will complain and then also want one)

Start Happy Hour in: 5 minutes

Recipe designed by What’s Cooking Love?

16. 10 minute S’more Dip

comfort foods

When you want all of the comfort of a warm campfire, but you have the patience of a 10-year-old – this is the recipe for you. All you need are marshmallows, choc chips and crackers. Perfect for sharing (but don’t feel any need to obviously).

Do you want S’more? (Again, sorry): 10 minutes

Recipe taken from Buzzfeed Food

17. Cheesy Avocado Quesadillas

comfort foods

Quesadillas are the delicious secret kept in most student digs around the world. Three simple ingredients, a pan and utter, utter indulgence. You can have two or three of these without feeling guilty (you’ll definitely get the feels though)

Baked to perfection in: 15 minutes

Damn Delicious’ Recipe brought me here 

18. Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

comfort foods

Ella, you queen, you’ve done it again! A twist on an American classic, these are quicker and are good enough to show off at your little cousin’s birthday party. You can keep them all to yourself though (and you get to lick the bowl clean #win)

From freezer to geezer: 15 minutes

Another damn fine recipe from your favourite aunty, Pure Ella

19. Spinach and Chickpea Curry

comfort foods

I know it is tempting to jump onto JustEat right now and get a takeaway. Hol’ up for a second and check this out first. Make this curry half as spicy as you are and I guarantee you’ll feel 1000x better afterwards. And did I mention it only takes 5 minutes?

Spice up your life: 5 minutes

Recipe from the good folks at BBC Good Food

20. Loaded Pulled Pork Nachos

comfort foods

This looks banging. Forget the standard guac, salsa and sour cream – these is next level nachos. These are the nachos that she tells you not to worry about. Throw everything you got at these chips because if you don’t, I’m gonna reach out and each these myself.

From Nacho to Yah-cho: 5 minutes

Recipe courteously shared by She Wears Many Hats

21. Mashed Potato Waffles with Chives

comfort foods

Add a fried egg too for extra richness. If you don’t have a waffle machine then you can put these on a wide-rimmed griddle pan and press down with a plate – then flip and repeat. You’re welcome.

From flip to your lips: 20 minutes

Recipe by Joy the Baker

Feature image © Kelly & Cricket

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