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 Article by Jessica Carroll

4 career-related activities you can do when you’re not applying for jobs

This post was written by an external contributor. Jessica Carroll helps identify career-productive activities for when your time is running short.

Applying for jobs can be very time consuming. Filling out pages and pages of forms and answering lengthy questionnaires just to be considered for an interview can be stressful, especially when you’ve got loads of university work on your plate! Here at Debut, we know your pain and we’ve designed a careers platform that will drastically reduce the time you spend job hunting. In fact, you can now even apply for some roles with just one tap. Yes, really! One quick tap and your application is sent. Look out for the lightning bolt symbol of the Opportunities tab for ‘Instant Apply’.

But if you do need need to take a break from job applications and studying, but still want to be productive, then check out our tips below for some alternative career related activities to try.

Join a sports club

apply for jobs

Sports is a great option when you’re bored of work but don’t want to waste your time in front of the TV. It is proven to decrease stress and is a great way to get your mind off any impending deadlines – even just for a for hours.

Plus, recruiters love it – it looks great on your CV! It’s proof that you’re a team player and that you have more about you than just some good grades. Joining a sports club is an easy thing to bring up in an interview to show you’re a well-rounded individual.

It’s also great for time-keeping and organisational skills. However, the best thing to come out of being a member of a sports team is the friends you’ll make along the way. Apart from being a shoulder to cry on during exam season, they’ll also widen your pool of contacts from which you can ask for help as you make your way up the career ladder later on in life.


apply for jobs volunteering

Volunteering is the perfect way to show employers that you’re dedicated to working hard.

There are loads of opportunities for volunteering and most charities are desperate for all the help they can get. Because of this, you can usually get involved in some really relevant experience. For example, organising their social media or even planning events. Try looking on your university website, or even give Google a go, until you find something you’re really passionate about.

As well as giving you that smug ‘I’m doing a good deed’ feeling, you’ll be helping your local community and picking up loads of transferable skills along the way.

Write a blog

Nowadays, companies want to see solid proof that you’re passionate about the area of work in which you want to join before they’ll even shortlist you. Even if you’re not looking to start a career in journalism or media, writing a blog which is relevant to your dream job is undeniable proof that you’re dedicated to the profession.

With blogging platforms easy to use and (mostly) free, there’s almost no excuse not to get started right away!

Get out the books

apply for jobs reading

Have no time to apply for jobs while you’re at uni, but don’t want to fall behind your competitors? Use your free time to read around the area in which you’re interested. Instead of plugging in your earphones, get out a book on the tube. Or, stop scrolling through your phone in bed and dedicate half an hour to reading each night instead.

Just keeping up to date on what is happening in the sector you aspire to join is a productive way to prepare for any future interviews or jobs. Having a solid, in-depth knowledge of the subject will quickly come across in an interview and make you an ideal candidate.

It doesn’t take much, but small changes to your daily habits could give you an edge down the line when it’s finally time to apply for jobs.

University is already a stressful place. If you haven’t got time to for job applications – don’t panic! Instead, make sure you use what time you do have to be productive. Follow our helpful tips and you can relax knowing you’ll still be acquiring desirable traits for that all-important interview later on!

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