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 Article by Brenda Wong

American university accepting new students using Snapchat

Wow, this is pretty forward-facing. The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is apparently sending prospective students a Snapchat when they get accepted into the college.

Credit: CBS

Apparently, if you applied for the university for admission in autumn 2017 and provided your Snapchat details, you’ll receive the above celebratory message in your Snapchat inbox. Pretty cute!

Local publication WSPA reported that alongside the traditional snail mail acceptance packets, the tech-savvy admissions team of UW-Green Bay are also sending class of 2020 acceptance Snaps.

“They would definitely get a snap before they’d get their mail packet,” commented Katelyn Santy, part of UW-Green Bay’s admission team.

“Students get the snaps pretty immediately because it’s a place where they are they spend a lot of time.”

Students are replying the university with their own excited selfies:

And the university has received praise from their prospective students:

What do you think? Would you want to get news of your university acceptance through Snapchat? Or should universities leave the flower crowns and puppy filters alone? Sound off on Twitter @DebutCareers.

Feature Image via Flickr

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