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 Article by April Roach

7 ways to balance the job hunt in final year

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So, you’re in your final year at university, and you’re just starting to realise that things are not quite the same as they’ve always been. Previously, you could muddle your way through first and second year. You could even just about manage the precarious balance between work and social activities. Unfortunately, final year has thrown that balance out of the window.

Here are a few ways you can get that balance back and stay on top of your job applications.

1. Prioritise course work deadlines and job deadlines

job hunt in final year
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Pals. Your final year is completely different from the previous years. Not only are you focusing on getting that 2:1 (or a first if you’re an overachiever) but you also have application deadlines and assessments to do for jobs. Once you realise and accept it, you can start planning ways to combat the stress.

Both are equally important in their own way. However, you need to list all of your to-dos down, and order them in degrees of priority in order to stay organised.


2. Make a schedule, have an ‘application day’

job hunt in final year


It helps to compartmentalise your schedule. One or two days a week, try to have an application day where you put aside a couple hours to focus on those all-important cover letters and applications. After all, the job hunt is essentially a job in itself (so you gotta put in the werk to make it happen.)


3. Use your calendar to denote deadlines

job hunt in final year

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Use your calendar to visually lay out your job application deadlines as well as essay deadlines. No one wants to wake up in the morning to remember that not only do they have a full day of classes but a ten-page application to fill out for their dream job.

Sometimes, old school is the best school. A physical calendar you write on can be very cathartic – we encourage as many different coloured pens as possible.


4. It’s never too late to try something new


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Not knowing what you want to do in your final year isn’t unusual and it’s important not too feel pressured into signing any contracts for a job you are unsure of.

Final year still presents lots of opportunities to try new things and gain new skills. Attend career fairs, join societies and take the time to figure out what you might want to do.


 5. Budget for the career hunt


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Don’t forget that with job applications often comes surprise trips into the city for interviews, assessments and career events. To avoid the sudden drop in your bank balance, make sure you budget for these trips and prepare yourself for them in advance.

Some universities offer work experience bursaries which might be worth considering.


6. Use career apps


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If you feel like you need the extra help, there are plenty of useful apps and sites to help with prompting you with job alerts.

Apps such as Debut can help make you aware of exciting opportunities that you weren’t even aware or before. (Wink wink, nudge nudge.)


7. Don’t stress! Rushing applications will get you nowhere


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Above all, don’t panic! Final year is going to be very demanding and require more planning and focus than your previous years. But it’s also your final year as a student and it’s important to make sure you enjoy it. You only do final year once, after all.

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