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 Article by Beth Hurst

5 job rejection letter origami tutorials that’ll cheer you up

This post is written by a member of the Debut Student Publisher Network. Read on for Beth’s favourite ways to turn sad job rejection letters in to wonderful works of paper art.

No one likes receiving a job rejection letter. Any hopes you’d managed to hold onto are suddenly extinguished by the mighty words:

“We are sorry to inform you.”

This isn’t the X Factor where the end of that sentence is “you’re going to boot camp!” Instead of despairing , why not turn your rejection letter into a piece of beautiful desk art?

Here are 5 quick and easy rejection letter origami methods that will make your sad post into something to be admired. Any tears are just from paper cuts, honest!

A flippy frog that can actually jump



For a rejection letter that is utterly soul destroying, why not make a fun toy to cheer yourself up. The end product is a little froggy friend that flips over with joy, just as you will when you finally secure that amazing job.

This one is especially good for those abrupt letters, as you can cut off the sad empty space to make the square shape to start.

Tutorial by It’s Always Autumn here. 

A butterfly for your eventual job transformation

Origami Butterfly

This one is for if you reach a low point. The delicate butterfly‘s full effect can only be seen if you make it flap it’s wings – wild, free and happy just as you are without a job.

(After all, it’s important to savour these precious moments when you can pretend you’re still a kid with no responsibilities.)

Stiff paper works well here, so save this for the fancy companies that send embossed paper to kill your dreams.

Tutorial by Fridas Peach here. 

A snazzy tie to symbolise your ascent to adulthood


If you feel like you want to get back into the game and onto your next exciting project, then why not make a stylish and professional Tie out of your rejection letter?

Display it proudly, as it’s what you’ll be wearing (not literally) when you finally score that dream job. Stay classy job-hunters.

Tutorial by Barefoot Stamper here.

A shining star, cos, uh, you’re a shining star


This design requires long strips of paper, so is especially good for longer rejection letters where every single line is full of oh-so-helpful advice as to why you’re not the right candidate (what do these people WANT?)

Be kind to yourself, and cut strips to make a night sky full of pretty little stars – amazing and beautiful just like you.

Scatter them over your workspace for some intergalactic job inspo, and reach for the stars.

Tutorial by Minna May Blog here. 

Paper plane your worries away


If all else fails, this next-level paper plane design might be the only thing that can make you feel better so you can launch that rejection letter straight into the rubbish bin where it belongs.

Watch it lift-off, fly, ultimately crash, and remain in a heap. Move on from your rejections, you got this.

Tutorial by Doodlecraft here.

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