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 Article by Chloe Smith

4 ways to stay productive over summer

Summer is the perfect time to relax, and chill out – but it’s also a great idea to stay productive, especially as you have so much free time. You might as well try and fill up some of that time doing cool stuff. ‘But how?’ You could maybe be shouting at your screens right now. Well here’s how – here are ‘4 ways to ensure you don’t waste your summer holiday’

Use Social Media (to your advantage)

summer productivity social media

No, really. There’s definitely a way to stay productive on social media – and that’s by knowing what to look for, and by following the right people. Want to write something for a magazine/publication and get it published? Search the hashtag #journorequest on Twitter to see what people are looking for and go from there. Social Media is rife with opportunities if you know where to look, and it’s a fantastic place to network, too. For example, the Twitter account @mediargh ‏posts media jobs and paid internships when they become available. @DebutCareers also have their fantastic #DebutTalk that’ll give you some great advice and insight – as well as some serious motivation to be productive, (and while you’re checking out Debut’s social media you could also check out their app to find graduate schemes and internship opportunities, too).


Use the Forest app

summer productivity phone

That being said, there’s also times and ways that staying on social media and particular apps can hinder your productivity – just a bit. So if you really want to stay productive over the summer and not get distracted by your phone when you should be working on or at something, then the forest app (available on iOS and Android) is the perfect way to make sure you don’t pick up your phone for a while. There’s also a Chrome extension to help you stay off social media on your PC, too. After all, there’s nothing more motivating to your productivity than the fact that if you pick up your phone/go off the app, you’ll kill a tree… right?

Start learning a language on the Duolingo app

summer productivity language

Not only will learning a new language enhance both your employability and your CV, but Duolingo has daily lessons that will 1) keep you productive on a daily basis and get you into a routine of productivity 2) learning a language quickly and in a very fun and easy way. Duolingo also has a wealth of possible languages you could be learning – from French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and even High Valyrian, for all you Game of Thrones fans with time to kill. Duolingo keeps track of your progress and gives you a streak to keep up daily – they’ll even send you push reminders once a day so that you won’t forget to be just a little bit productive every single day over the summer.

Start a new hobby or do something completely new

summer productivity hobby

Okay, so that’s a stereotypical answer, I get it – but with the vast and incredible power of the internet and YouTube, there’s tutorials for everything. From music, to make up, to writing, to coding, to video editing, to photography, to dance, to anything you could possibly really actually want to learn.

The possibilities are endless. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to try and do – you might as well pick it up over the summer as a hobby, right? Plus having something new and interesting as part of your routine will only help you be more productive, because you’ll want to put the work in and keep learning and improving. You’ll be staying productive and by the end of the summer you could’ve even almost mastered your new hobby and it could be a serious skill – so what’ve you got to lose?

But you could always start doing something new, too – like taking up a volunteer position at a local organisation, like a charity or even a local community or hospital radio station. Then not only will you be learning new skills and knowledge, but you’ll be being productive and incredibly helpful at the same time. Doing good, staying productive and enhancing your CV all at the same time? What a bonus.

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