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 Article by Ben Robins

4 reasons why Christmas at uni is better than home

This post was written by a member of the Debut Student Publisher Network. Ben prefers Christmas at uni, and we reckon he’s going to convince you to feel the same. 

Whether it’s juggling the unwanted attention of your extended family or lying to your mum about how much you love your new pair of socks, Christmases at home can feel… a little tame these days. Adjusting from freedom with your own friends to having to battle with the parents about every little decision is tough, man. 

That half-spent, low budget little Christmas you throw yourselves at uni every year before heading home used to feel crummy. Now? It has quickly become the go-to festive treat for any student worth their salt. Here’s why:


You’re in charge

Christmas at uni

Uni Christmas is never really about what you should be doing, It’s pretty much always about what you want to be doing, and as a result, it’s so much more fun. No more arguing with the ‘head of the house’ about which way round the cutlery goes, or what is/isn’t a suitable time to sit and eat dinner.

This is university, you (and your friends obviously) are totally in control. Want to have turkey at 3 in the morning? Why not. Want to replace stuffing balls with maltesers? Just do it. I mean, it might be quite disgusting, but the point is, it’s entirely up to you.


It’s time for new traditions

Every family has their own ridiculous traditions, from the peak time for present-opening, to that same tired old Christmas Day film every single year. But that’s another wonderful thing about Uni Christmas – it gives you the room for a total tradition overhaul, and for those three (or four, or however many) years, you can introduce the weirdest and most wonderful customs imaginable.

You and your friends are in many ways a student family, and what better way to celebrate than with some new yearly traditions? From specific post-dinner songs to an annual after party night out, and more, student Christmases are never boring.


You can really be you

There’s something quite formal about Christmas Day at home. After all, you’ve got elderly relatives and/or small children running all over the place, and your parents highly strung trying to pull together every family tradition possible in a highly organised manner. The result? Usual behaviour ends up being quite repressed.

You can’t really talk to your nan about how many Jägerbombs you can manage in a night on the town. Not to mention the flat-wide dramas going down in your halls, so you just end up smiling and nodding and occasionally telling everyone how “good” you’re doing at uni. Whilst you’re actually at uni though, you don’t need any of these pleasantries; you can say pretty much anything you like. Freedom.


Life experience

It’s no secret that at some point down the line, you’re going to have to leave uni and rejoin the ‘real world’. And one day, you might even need to host Christmas for a family of well-wishers and grumpy looking students, meaning the life experience you can gain from a student Christmas is very, very much needed.

Learning how to time your cooking, how much food to dish out for everybody, the logistics of present handling; it’s all important business that you never think to tackle until you’re right there in the thick of it. You don’t pick up nearly as much at home, or if you do, it might just be the old-fashioned family way of doing things, so this is why Christmas at uni is the undisputed champion.

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