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 Article by Corina Chan

3 crucial steps to conquering the dreaded Freshers’ Fifteen

This post was written by an external contributor. Corina Chan breaks down the best ways to beat the bloat during Freshers.

Fresher’s Fifteen (n): An expression coined for freshers who gain a considerable amount (15 pounds) of weight during their first year at University because of cheap pints, post-night out kebabs, takeaways, pizzas… (the list goes on)

As tempting as it is to munch on that 35% off Domino’s meteor pizza after a long day of lectures and seminars, you might want to slow it down and think twice about that next slice of pizza, next pint, and next chip, because your body will not thank you for it. It’s simply not worth it.

So, here it is, an achievable guide to conquering the Fresher’s Fifteen. Remember: it’s about the little changes in your daily lifestyle that will make all the difference!

Cut down on alcohol and drink lots and lots of water


Did you know that one can of beer equates to roughly 180 calories and one Jägerbomb is approximately 158 calories? And let’s not be daft here, the likelihood is you’re not going to stop at just one can or one Jägerbomb. That means these calories can reach an ungodly number. Beer bellies aren’t a myth – they are very much real.

Drinking more water is a very underrated weight loss tip. Generally, drinking water before a meal can help you feel more satisfied and therefore reduce the habit of snacking, whilst also reducing bloating.

P.S. Drinking water in between drinks will lessen the effects of a hangover the next morning. You’re welcome.

Swap late-night pizzas for an early night in


And since you’ll be up at a reasonable hour, don’t skip breakfast. This diet myth is in fact true – having a large breakfast in the morning does indeed boost your metabolism, which leads to a lessened desire to overeat throughout the day and, in effect, a lower BMI.

But of course, I’m not suggesting stuffing your face in a platter of butter pancakes with honey and chocolate chips every morning. Switch it up; make breakfasts fun but healthy! Go for fruity oatmeal, yoghurts, eggs and avocado… Whatever you like.

For all you students out there, having breakfast in the morning even has the added benefit of boosting your concentration level throughout the day. So take care of your body and mind, do it for yourself.  Health is wealth, am I right?

Join sport societies for socials

sport society

When I first joined university as a Fresher, I definitely had presumptions about alcohol being the main source of socials when it comes to meeting new people. Man, I thought wrong. Instead of possibly forgetting half of the people you meet during pre-drinks, why not join a sports society and actually connect with people of similar interests?

Not only are you subconsciously burning those calories whilst exercising, you are also having fun and bonding with your other teammates. If you’re not exactly the most sports-inclined person and you’re afraid of committing fully to something like football, swimming or badminton, don’t worry – there’s something for everyone out there!

At the end of the day, remember that university is a golden time to explore your interests and be the best version of yourself. Invest in you, and baby steps towards tweaking your lifestyle habits are a good starting point. And most importantly, always remember to love your body and yourself!

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