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 Article by Brenda Wong

13 cool office accessories to spruce up your work space

If you think about how much actual time you’ll spend working in your lifetime, it truly is a grim figure. Staring at your screen with dry, irritated eyes, sitting on your butt all day slowly developing carpal tunnel syndrome from all that typing – what a nightmare.

Work doesn’t have to be painful. Add some joy to your work space with these crazy cool office accessories. Delightful.

1. This legitimately amazing foot hammock

Cool office accessories

So you can feel like you’re on holiday when you’re stuck at your desk, obvi.

Available on Amazon, £10.99

2. An animal-shaped mouse for your computer

Cool office accessories

Sending sheer joy through you with every click. A little on the pricey side, but if there’s such a thing as #mousegoals, this would be it.

Available on Japan Trend Shop, $66

3. These CTRL + ALT+ DEL mugs


For when your computer’s installing all of those damn automated updates.

Available on Amazon, £4.99

4. This crazy stylish Helvetica weekly planner

Cool office accessories

Because we all know Helvetica is totally the best font.

Available on Not On the High Street, £8.95

5. Rabbit ear memo boards for your computer monitors

Cool office accessories

For all of those highly important sticky notes.

Available on Mochi Things, $24.95

6. A chill-as-a-cucumber penguin print

Cool office accessories

Look upon this penguin on the days where you’ve got zero chill.

Available on Etsy, £12.

7. A USB fridge for ice-cold beverages at your convenience

Cool office accessories

A totally necessary purchase.

Available on Amazon, £22.99

8. These utterly stunning agate coasters


You so fancy, huh? Also – these will make a great gift for your boss.

Available on Amazon, £39.95 for 4

9. Pencils with your name on them

Cool office accessories

So no one can justifiably steal your stationery.

Available on Not on the High Street, £10.95

10. A desktop background to rival all of your office-mates’ desktop backgrounds

Cool Office Accessories

Also a good time to clean up all of the random icons on your desktop. They make your comp run slower, y’know.

Available on Oh So Beautiful Paper, Free

11. A cork cactus for your most important reminders

Cool office accessories

Because screw the effort of having to keep an actual plant alive.

Available on Suck UK, £10

12. This whiteboard clock you can plan your day with


I mean, don’t make all of the hands say ‘beer o’clock’, that’s just unprofessional.

Available on Amazon, £88

13. An office nap pillow

Cool office accessories

Just don’t get caught by your boss.

Available on Amazon, £58.50

Feature Image © Unsplash

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