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 Article by Alex Ekong

11 great productivity apps to get you to your 2017 goals

Right. That’s it. No more messing around. 2017 is the year you finally get organised. Or get in shape. Or quit *insert unhealthy vice here*. Honest, you’re serious. You really mean it this time.

We hear you. And instead of offering you empty Disney movie platitudes about believing in yourself, we’re recommending you a few pieces of stone-cold software to kickstart the assault on your 2017 goals. That said, here are some of the best productivity apps out there right now.


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Working on something big in 2017? Plan that project in a way that’s both flashy and organised. Trello is a workboard that lets you break it down into smaller tasks and group them together making whatever you’re working on way more manageable. We use it here at Debut and we can’t get enough. Introduce it in your office and see if you don’t get any brownie points.

Image result for is a super cool app that collates lists about all your favourite things for a quick and easy daily download. Stay on top of everything with news summaries, reading recommendations, food recipes and more at your fingertips. You can even make your own lists! If that New Year’s Resolution is to stay informed, look no further.

Happiness Planner

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The Happiness Planner is a calendar and to-do list with a twist. As you out your life all neat and in order, it’ll give you tips on mindfulness, self-development and positive thinking. Perfect for nailing that work-life balance. It only exists in physical form and iOS right now, but look out for the Android app dropping later this year.


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There are about as many ways to lose weight as there are ways to die in the west (a million, I’m told). But if you’re really about this life, Lifesum is definitely your aesthetic. With tailored diet plans,  a meal tracker and Fitbit compatibility, you’ll be shot of your love handles by Valentine’s Day.


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On the off chance you read our piece with tips for people who struggle to get out of bed, you’ll know there are a whole bunch of apps out there to help. This is one of them – a mean alarm clock that demands you complete tasks before it turns off. Imagine being screeched awake in the morning by this monster and the only way to stop it is to take a picture of your bathroom sink. It’s tough love, but you’ll be up-and-running in no time.


If you’re trying to cut out the cigarettes, Smokefree is the app for you. If you’re giving up anything, it’s easy to lose sight of why you’re doing after you miss it for a while. Smokefree helps you see the bigger picture. As you go through, it’ll show you how much money you’ve saved, how your health is improving, even how many hours of your life you’ve regained by staying smoke free. If that’s not a motivator, I don’t know what is.


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IFTTT helps you get more out of the apps you already use by mixing them together in what they like to call ‘recipes’. Want to automatically tweet every new Instagram you post? Want someone to get an email every time you do a blog post on Tumblr? All it takes is the click of a button with IFTTT and it’ll save you a ton of time.



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Momentum is the Google Chrome add-on I sorely wish I had when I was doing my dissertation. It comes up every time you open a new tab. All you have to do is tell it what your focus for the day is and it will keep you off distracting sites until you do it. No more falling down the YouTube black hole for you.


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Todoist is the grand-daddy of all the to-do lists apps out there. There’s not a lot that you can’t use it to organise. You can prioritize, break stuff down into sub-tasks and sub projects, set notifications, even use it in groups. Definitely one for the sophisticates among you.



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If you’ve got an Android device, this is an absolute must. AirDroid lets you access all your texts,  Whatsapps and files from your phone up on your computer screen. Never again will you have to make the difficult decision between the two.


Google Keep

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Did you ever want to make a note of all the brilliant ideas you come up with but never have a pen and paper handy? Google Keep not only lets you make voice memos, but it automatically backs them up in the cloud. So that lecture recording, million-pound idea or potential hit single is safe whatever happens.

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