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1. Is Debut free?

Yes! Debut is completely free for students – no adverts, no premium version, just a free app for you to use during your graduate career search.

2. What kind of positions will I find on Debut?

You will find all manner of positions on Debut. We currently have a broad range of roles, including internships, first year programmes and graduate schemes. We also feature employers from a number of different global industries, so there is something for every student or graduate on Debut.

3. Will you have more jobs in the future?

Most definitely! We are expanding soon to increase the number of large employers as well as introducing small companies and start-ups. Our ambition is to be the go-to place for students looking for an internship or graduate job from their mobile phone.

4. Can I apply directly to companies via Debut?

We are currently working with the employers to build in the possibility of applying directly from your mobile phone.

5. What kind of messages can I receive when I join the Debut community?

Debut’s smart technology platform allows employers to contact you directly with unique opportunities.

Opportunities include: job opportunities that hiring managers want you to apply for, invitations to private campus events and exclusive webinars to understand employer hiring processes and what it’s really like to work at their company . Employers can even fast track you straight to interview.  

6. If I log in with Facebook, can companies see my Facebook profile?

No, they cannot see any social activity through Debut.
However, companies are free to research potential candidates on social media channels if they wish so as a general rule of thumb we would recommend you tidy up your profiles ahead of your job search!

7. Why do you need my date of birth, gender, nationality and ethnicity?

A number of employers would like to increase the diversity of their workforce.

Being the first mobile app with access to such a bright and diverse pool of talent (you guys), we feel that we have an opportunity to help employers achieve this. To do this we collect data to help monitor our user base, making sure everybody has access to opportunities and help to inform employers on how they can improve access to opportunities. We do not share this information with anyone else.

8. Can companies see my age, gender, nationality and ethnicity data?

No, not for individual profiles on Debut. If you choose to submit this information to them outside of Debut as part of the application process then this is outside of Debut’s control.
Companies may use Debut to raise awareness of specific events or relevant information to various demographic groups but at no point is individual data disclosed to companies.

9. Can I change my preferences and sectors of interest?

Yes, you can. Within your profile you can change these in the ‘Edit Profile’ area of the ‘You’ tab.

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