Attracting female STEM candidates

The key to attracting female STEM candidates

Debut can exclusively reveal the top preferences female STEM candidates are seeking in their work roles. Debut has a unique insight into the minds of the generation who will become our future industry leaders and we want to help you shape your communications to this group!

Upon registering on the Debut app each student completes a personal profile, helping us to better tailor their app experience to the roles most relevant to their skills and interests, and also allowing employers to better target students based on specific criteria.

Female STEM student preferences

Debut’s insights have revealed the top features female students, and specifically female STEM students, look for when seeking a graduate role, placement or internship at a company.

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It’s clear that these students are seeking further personal and professional development in their work, through the guidance of senior colleagues and further learning experiences, as well as the opportunity to travel and participate in a global network.

For companies looking to hire female STEM students, it’s crucial they offer, communicate and highlight these elements to candidates in order to make their roles more attractive to their target hires.

Looking at female students as a whole, flexible working is also an important priority for female candidates. So whether you’re looking for female students, or female STEM students specifically, these are the key aspects of your job roles that you should be looking to emphasise.  

Female strengths

In order to further tailor communications to your target audience and activate passive candidates, we advocate appealing to the way students perceive themselves. When first registering on the app, students are all asked what they feel their top strengths are.

Results show that females perceive their top strengths to be:

[table id=24 /]

Interestingly, female candidates perceive their strengths to be the way they communicate with others, as opposed options such as organisational skills or flexibility.

It’s integral for companies to demonstrate the ability for graduates to further expand these skills within the organisation, in order for candidates to feel their strengths will be put to good use.

Female vs. Male STEM insights

When zooming in on STEM students specifically, perceived strengths change drastically. This group of students clearly prioritises their ability to work well with others as an important strength, as well the ability to adapt quickly and learn in new work environments.

We’ve compared the perceived strengths of both male and female STEM students, to help employers understand how to best target these two groups.

[table id=23 /]

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