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These 12 pieces of stationary will make 2018 your most productive year yet

New year, new you, new stationary. Here's some ideas to get you started and in the mood for some serious productivity and focus.
Kim Connor Streich
Kim Connor Streich

While organisation, focus and good time-keeping have to come from within, having the resources around you to plan effectively certainly helps. You’re never going to keep on top of all those deadlines and tasks if you try and keep them all in your brain, but invest in some sexy new stationary (and actually use it) and you’ll be flying.

Plus, stationary is the perfect way to express your personality. Whether you prefer crazy and colourful, or simple and minimalist, customising your notepads and work tools to suit you will make you way happier using them.

So start the new year with a new work toolkit and make it one that suits you. Here are some ideas to get you started…

Funky sloth notepad

sloth stationary

There nothing that makes writing notes easier than a funky notepad that brings a smile to your face each time you see it. And what could make you smile more than dancing pink sloths?

ВЈ10 from Urban Outfitters 

Nuggets are life

chicken nugget stationary

But if dancing sloths aren’t your thing, how about chicken nuggets? With this bad boy on your desk every day, you’ll be the envy of all your mates. Warning, staring at chicken nuggets all day will increase hunger levels, but give you something to treat yourself to after work.

ВЈ10 from Central 23

A hotdog pencil case

dog stationary

It’s a pencil case. And a hot dog. And an actual dog. Have you ever witnessed anything so beautiful? If you’re looking for a sophisticated and stylish way of transporting your pens around, look no further.

ВЈ8 from Paperchase

Perpetual calendar

Calendars eh? Buying a new one every year can be a pain, but with this gorgeous perpetual calendar from Present & Correct, you’ll always know what date it is. Plus, it’s super Instagrammable.

ВЈ24 from Present & Correct

Big A3 planner

stationary planner

Got big plans for the week? Then write it all down in this big A3 weekly planner and keep on top of everything at a glance. Plus there’s plenty of space for colour coding, post-it notes and other exciting stationary paraphernalia.

ВЈ8 from Typo 

Tortoise paper clips

tortoise stationary

If you thought paper clips were pointless inventions only good for cluttering up your desk drawer then think again. You’ll be clipping all your paper together with these little tortoise babies.

ВЈ6.50 from the Fox and Star

Rainbow pens

stationary pens

Make 2018 the year you ditch the black and bring colour to your notepad. Buy a couple or the whole set and get doodling. Reading over notes are so much more fun when they remind you of summer.

ВЈ.0.95 each from Ohh Deer

Plotting post-it notes

stationary post-it notes

Those plain neon post-it notes? They’re so 2008. Nowadays you can get post-its in all shapes and sizes, including these sneaky cat world domination ones. You’ll never use a plain square again.

ВЈ3.50 from Ohh Deer

Pencil pep talks

stationary pencils

If you ever find yourself in need of a positivity boost while working, then these pencils have got your back. The positive vibes these pencils emit will help you get through those next hundred words.

ВЈ3.25 from The Green Gables

Travel vibes

stationary travel planner

Dreaming of travel in 2018? Same. And this travel planner is guaranteed to help you through those tough deadline seasons with dreams of sunnier scenes and sandy beaches. Just don’t get too distracted planning holidays, that work isn’t going to do itself.

ВЈ15 from Fox & Star

Plan plan plan

stationary planner

If you find yourself leaving things to the last minute or completely forgetting about an assignment until two days before, then you need a planner in your life. And this feisty A5 one will help you out a lot, believe me. All you have to do is remember to actually use it.

ВЈ10 from Paperchase

Robot clock

stationary robot clock

A sure fire way to stop checking your phone every five minutes is to invest in a clock. And not just any old clock, this little guy will cheer up any desk. But remember, time always go faster when you stop checking.

ВЈ20 from Paperchase

So there you have it, 12 pieces of stationary that are guaranteed to get you feeling ready to take on 2018 with a new focus and a lot more enthusiasm.

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