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 Article by Brenda Wong

Things you have to do in the summer before university

It’s been great seeing excited first-year students tweet about their newly-acquired university places. We were there too, that summer before university, celebrating with our hometown mates, eagerly awaiting welcome emails from our department, and wishing that time would move just a little bit faster so you can just start uni already.

summer before uni

Our freshers year may have been (an undisclosed amount of time) ago, so we have the benefit of good old retrospective. We asked some actual adults™ what they would have done in the summer before university if they could do it all over again. Their answers may surprise you:

The question



What do you wish you did in the summer before university? Twitter spoke and these are our favourites


Last, but not least


Amen to that, sister. A-men-to-that.

Feature image © Stephen Arnold via Unsplash

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