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9 super-successful people that studied a creative degree

A common feature in the life of the teenager is the inevitable fight with your parents when it comes to choosing a creative degree. If you’re doing one already, they’re probably just a teensy bit disappointed in you. You got interests and passions you want to follow, sure. But you’re also going to have bills and a student loan to pay off too, and that’s going to be damn near impossible unless you’re a doctor or lawyer.

We at Debut have got your back to the end. We’re fans of the creative degree and think there’s tons of good reasons to do one. In fact, take this article to your parents and show them all the things you could become.

Michael Eisner

The former CEO of Disney said this about studying English Literature and Theatre at Denison University: “No matter what business you are in, you are dealing with interpersonal relationships. [Literature] gives you an appreciation of what makes people tick.”

Emma Watson

The actress graduated from Brown University with a degree in English Literature. Since then has not only gone from strength to strength in acting terms, but she’s become a top fashion consultant and a UN Ambassador for gender equality. How’s that for magic?

Alan Rickman

What’s there to say about Emma’s late, legendary Harry Potter co-star’s acting career that hasn’t already been said? What some fans may not know is that Alan Rickman actually studied design at both Chelsea College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art.

He later opened a design agency called Graphiti before giving it up in 1972 to pursue acting. Truly, he was a man of infinite talents.

Peter Thiel

Basically the Fairy Godfather of tech, Peter Thiel invested in Facebook and co-founded Paypal. He also graduated from Stanford University with a degree in philosophy. Yeah, not such a ‘useless’ degree now, is it?

Ethan Coen
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Together with his brother Joel, Ethan Coen wrote and directed some of the 👏 best 👏 movies 👏 ever (No Country For Old Men and Inside Llewyn Davis to name just two). He’s also a Philosophy graduate from Princeton University.

Louis Theroux

What can you do with a History degree? Become a national goddamn treasure, that’s what. Louis Theroux was taught Modern History at Oxford and in turn taught the entire world with his excellent documentaries.

Sacha Baron Cohen

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From representing the Staines massive to being an intrepid Kazakh reporter, the versatile actor and comedian has done it all. He studied History at Christ’s College, with a little bit of drama on the side too. Naturally.

Kate Middleton

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The Duchess of Cornwall is History of Art grad from the University of St. Andrew’s, where she met her husband Prince William. One doesn’t imagine she’s using it a lot now she’s literally royalty, but she definitely would have had a bright future either way.

Susan Wojcicki

Susan Wojcicki is the CEO of Youtube and one of the most powerful women in tech in the world. Where did she start? With a BA in History and Literature from Harvard. So there you have it. Next time someone throws shade at you for pursuing a creative degree, tell them that one of these degrees is responsible for all the funny cat videos they watch. Can’t argue with those results.

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