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The happiest workers in Europe all do the same job

The happiest workers in Europe all do the same job

Alex Ekong

Listen, we’ve all got to work, there’s no avoiding that. But sometimes it can be hard to work with a smile on your face. We had a long talk about how you should take care of your mental health at work, but which job actively provides you with the most happiness?

happiest workers in europe

According to a new study conducted by ADP, the happiest workers in Europe all work in tech. The survey found that IT and telecoms workers rated their job satisfaction, confidence and happiness at work the highest.

Out of the 10,000 workers surveyed, tech workers suffered the lowest amount of stress and 89% said that they had a good work-life balance.

Just by way of proof, here’s a picture of Debut developers Maxi, Tomas and Sebastian celebrating Sebastian’s birthday this past Wednesday. They look pretty happy to us!

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What else?

Retail, catering and leisure workers scored the lowest in the study’s happiness measures, while healthcare workers said they were the most stressed.

Elsewhere in the survey, it was revealed that 70% are satisfied with their current employment and 78% are looking forward to the future. 84% said they had a good work-life balance. Just 28% said they could see themselves changing jobs in 2 years.

Why are people with tech careers the happiest workers in Europe? ADP’s managing director Jeff Phipps thinks that it’s because they’re constantly required to sharpen their skills. “Research has found that people tend to be happiest at work when they feel they’re developing,” he said. Other reasons might include all the neat workplace perks they experience – like Google with their slides and ball pits.

happiest workers in europe

Whatever the reason, let’s not let the tech guys have all the fun. It’s time the rest of us get our happiness up too!

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